21 October 2005

Figures, Characters, and Faces

The links to previously posted drawings of figures:

Teutonic Knight, Samurai, Handgunner, Byzantine Heavy Footsoldier, Ottoman Heavy Infantry, French Archer, Japanese Infantry I, Japanese Infantry II, German Infantry I, German Infantry II, Byzantine Cavalryman, Roman Legionary

The Keymaster, The Flower-Seller, Little Floating Man, Neil, Damien, Traveller, The awaiting Man

Figure I, Figure II, Figure III, Figure IV, Figure V, Figure VI, Figure VII, Figure VIII, Figure IX

Poet, I must scream

This page will be updated from time to time.

"Your dreams are turning real
You feel so alive
Like you've never felt before
A life beyond reality"

'Subspace' Funker Vogt

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