06 September 2005

Personal Favourites Part II

Faith and the Muse - The Burning Season
Faith and the Muse - Evidence of Heaven
Faith and the Muse - Vera Causa

Years ago, I used to compile little monthly lists of what I have been listening to. It was fascinating looking back at them.

These Gothic CDs were mesmerising. I was listening to them when I was sketching or reading in cafes during weekends and they became my favourites. I have had 'Evidence of Heaven' for years and was captivated by the second and third track. Somehow, I did not return to listening to them until earlier this year and that album has been a constant companion.

'Gliding from room to room all cast in celebrated gloom
With no where yet to rest our head
Waiting for a door to open from within and bring us home
Lest we possess our souls again... '
Faith and the Muse 'Scars Flown Proud'

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