17 March 2006

Asian Aerospace 2006: A Collection of Images

Fighters II
Armament and Ordnance of the F-16D
Helicopter Door Mount
Unmanned Combat Vehicle
Airbus A380
B-1B Lancer
Fighters III
All-Terrain Vehicles, Light Attack Vehicles and Armoured Vehicles*
Pegasus Lightweight Howitzer*
CIS 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher
Redback Weapon System (Metal Storm Technology)*
Anti-Tank Missiles*
Small Arms*
M8 Ridgeway Armoured Gun System (AGS)*

As usual, as with all my photos, feel free to use them, in a blog, on a website, in a commercial work, for reference, whatever, use them in any way. I put them up to share. If you need the original high resolution image (600-700KB size, jpg form), do let me know. I will email them to you.

I'm too lazy to put up the images of the commercial jets. I will one day. I will also put stuff up on the Asian Aerospace 1992 one of these days.

* These are what I consider to be highlights.

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