22 September 2005

Landscapes and Buildings

Here are the links to previously posted drawings of places, buildings, landscapes and more. They were done using ink, pencils, and by electronic means. They are a variety, some were done swiftly while others were planned. The quality, of course, varies greatly, from the mediocre to the satisfying piece (for me). I didn't put the incomplete and bad ones up.

The Cove, The Tower of the Queen, The Tower, All Roads lead to Rome, The Wilds, A Walk in the Wilds, The Lone Tree, The Road goes ever on, The Labyrinth, Clock Towers, The Desert Tower, Enigma, A Forgotten Moment, The Glade, Flood, Desolation, The Castle, Stone Bridge, Floodlands, The Trail, Landscapes, Dreams, Movement, The Wind in the Meadows, Woodland, Hotel 1929, Forest, The Hidden Path, The Bridge of Sighs, Beneath the Trees, The Pillars, The End, Loneliness, Moonlight, The Distant Bridge, Loneliness, A Verdant World, A Verdant World Revisited, Moon Terrace, The Heart of the Forest, Heart of the Forest: In Full Glory, Solitude II, The Island of a Thousand Days, Lone Tree on a Knoll, In a Lonely Place, The Tower of the Queen (Colour), The Forgotten Hall, Heartland

This page will be updated from time to time.


sin said...

I love your drawings. I think they are excellent.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Thanks Sin. Your kind words are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

hey. finally i get to see your drawings. they're good understudy material.

And you know it.


Charmaine. Your friendly ex-cd salesperson.