30 January 2010


I subsequently expanded too, squeezing out poor Terence who had to contend with a small amount of space

I had to counter Nikki and Chew Ming's expansions too. Their settlements were intruding into our play area!

Here, Terence counters with his yellow settlements, building into my side of the valley.

The final positions. My red pieces had expanded into the centre of the board where Nikki and Chew Ming were.

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29 January 2010


The new Assyria game. Chew Ming thought it was of exceptional complexity and depth. I had thought it a moderate item.

Here one can see Chew Ming and Nikki encroaching into Terence and my areas of play.

Most aggressive.

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I dreamt of a vast, wondrous waterfall amidst the greenery of a lush forest this morning. It was vivid.