13 December 2014

Orchard Road is extremely crowded during the Christmas period. It has been like that for the last decade.

It is impossible.

I will avoid the place unless there is a reason to go there.
I went to find the Pentel waterbrushes at Kinokuniya last night. I had bought them there some time ago. They did not have it.

One less reason to visit Kinokuniya now.
Oh dear, there are some unfinished business for Ingress. I want that platinum badge for portal guardian and I want level 9. Oh well. I shall see.

29 November 2014

Wasting time

I find that I spend more time looking at the maps, inventory and people chatter in Ingress-related groups than actually playing the game. I probably spend ten times the amount of time doing that as compared to playing the game. It does not make sense.

The end of Ingress

I think it is time to stop playing Ingress even though I was only playing casually and devoting several minutes to it every day.

I think the next level goals are not achievable without a crazy effort and vast amounts of time. I am unwilling to spend that sort of time. I have other things that are more important and that I want to do. Ingress just isn't that important nor fun for me to want to persist.

Goodbye Ingress. It was fun while it lasted.

I think I will continue to submit portals in the course of taking photos, I take a lot of photos anyway. I will submit about 230 to 250 of them. Right now, I have submitted 144 of them.

26 November 2014

I will not go running this evening. I am far too sleepy.
It is going to be a struggle to get through this day. I doubt if I will go running this evening. I am too sleepy.

08 November 2014

Civilization: Beyond Earth

Civilization: Beyond Earth looks Civilization V in space with Alpha Centauri elements. I think I will wait till it comes out on discount in a few year's time. Nothing pressing, nothing groundbreaking.

05 November 2014

Of Ingress and Civilization V

I made level 8 in Ingress yesterday afternoon. I will be playing very casually from now on, in other words, I may only fire up the application if and when I visit a new place and there are portals. I won't be active anymore. No more daily checks or anything of that order. It is more likely that I stop playing the game altogether, it will fade from my consciousness in a while. It took a fortnight to achieve level 8.

I finished a first proper game of Civilization V last night with a domination victory. It took far too long for so little. I will be uninstalling it. Enough.

03 November 2014

Time flies. It is November!

A standard game

I tried my hand at a standard game of Civilization V yesterday. The last one was a tutorial game. It was time-consuming. I had managed to conquer two nations and three city-states after five or more hours. Oh dear.

I could have spent the time reading. I was not in the mood to read then.

Orchard Road - February 2013

01 November 2014

Front Line Assembly - Fatalist


Spending wisely

I used to spend a fair bit on books at Kinokuniya monthly. The expenditure was considerable.

I had done a reality check and also some comparisons a few years ago. I thought the money could be better spent on books from Amazon and Books Depository. The prices at Kinokuniya was and is far too high, and can be double or triple the recommended listed price. I could get double or triple the volume of books for the same amount of money I had spent.

From then, I have reduced my purchases at Kinokuniya to the odd stationery item like a pigment ink technical pen or paint brush and a few magazines annually. Since then, I have been buying from Amazon. One has to be realistic.

31 October 2014

Seven levels in ten days

I made level 7 in ten days. Level 8 will require 600,000 APs and that is the AP equivalent of going from level 1 to 7.

That seems somewhat insurmountable. And that would require twenty days or more given that the double AP period runs out on 15th November.

I don't want to play intensely for twenty days. I think from now on, it will be a case of opportunistic capturing of portals and placing resonators, only when it is convenient and when I am free. I will stick to the game of course.

It is a good game, I would recommend it to my friends.

My in-game name is shyuechou as can be seen from the screen capture. If you do want to play with me, I am on the Enlightened side.

30 October 2014

Enough of these games! Ugh.

Civilization V and what not

I will be removing Imperium Romanum, Grand Ages: Rome from my computer. They will not make a good expenditure of my time. There are other Roman-themed city building and empire building titles out there that are much better.

Last night, I gave Civilization V, spelt with a 'z' because it is American, a try for about two hours or so. It was not addicting but compelling in the sense that one wants to see various tasks completed only to find that it doesn't really do much, there is little payoff despite the promise of one. The game play is fundamentally not very different from the first installment which I played many years ago, likewise the subsequent ones. Overhyped and overrated. The graphics of the individual units and terrain were polished and well done, it was a pleasure to behold. I will be uninstalling this from my machine soon. I may give it a second look some time but the fact is that a simple game is too time-consuming for what it is. No thanks.

Ingress with consequences

Playing Ingress means that one switches on one's GPS almost all the time. What this means is that one's location data is fed to Niantic Labs which in essence is owned by Google.

Playing Ingress is also a massive drain on the battery power. The constant and intense usage probably reduces the battery's lifespan greatly.

However, I am in awe of the enthusiasm and amount of effort exhibited by many hardcore players. Haha. A good game but not necessarily better than any of the A-list titles out there.

Walking with Ingress

Ingress does not increase the amount of walking that I do. For those who are sedentary, it can be of a benefit.

For me, I walk between over 20 km per weekend and run and walk during the week, I find that my amount of walking actually lessened considerably when I have Ingress with me. Walking with Ingress means that I would have to slow my stride down.

Hacking and deploying resonators do not take much time but establishing links take a fair bit longer.

I am within 100,000 APs of level 7 now. I was thinking of slowing down when I hit level 8 but I am getting bored. I will attain level 7 and let it be casual.
I need to remind myself to go to bed and not want to finish that last sketch at 1:45 am.

The sketch can wait.

A fistful of games

I have a backlog of over three hundred unplayed computer games. I do not suppose that I would ever be playing the vast bulk of them.

I had bought a large number during the Steam sales with discounts up to 80 to 90%. Paying $2.00 or less for a game is painless. On average, I pay between $5.00 to $10.00 per game.

Over the weekend, I played a bit of Supreme Commander 2 which was a simplified game as compared to its illustrious predecessor. The gameplay was pretty much the game and the graphics likewise. It was a good game and it was satisfying after a long day at work. I had set the parameters so that the game was a short half an hour to an hour skirmish. That would be enough.

I have always felt that the Supreme Commander games could have more varied and imaginative maps. The oddly symmetrical maps, yes, it was probably for game balance, appeared sparse and bland, there was no feel nor atmosphere.

In a way, the Supreme Commander games had reminded me of an old favourite, the Total Annihilation games that I had enjoyed then. It brought back memories of the Dark Reign games as well.


I had explored Imperium Romanum and Grand Ages: Rome. The latter was apparently a sequel to the former. I had enjoyed Roman building games in the past but these two were lacking to say the least. The interface of both games was a hindrance to gameplay. I spent an hour on them.

I had also tried Tropico 3 and Tropico 4 for about half an hour and they were unsatisfying. The interface of both games were clumsy and annoying. I would soon be removing them from my computer.

I have no regret regarding the unplayed games. There is much to do and experience. Games are but a facet of life.

29 October 2014


Ingress is an augmented-reality game from Niantic Labs, a startup embedded with Google. Ingress is a real life capture the flag game buttressed by the usage of GPS and a database to overlay a physical landscape spanning the globe. It is played with a mobile phone with GPS and mobile data enabled.

I started Ingress on a Tuesday, 21st October 2014. The game has been around since beta since two years ago. I had no awareness of its existence.

Kun Rong had asked that I join him and thus, I did.

In a week, I managed to make enough APs to go from level 1 to level 6. My objective is to reach level 8 fast and then just play it casually.

Has the game been fun? Yes, it has in some ways, not groundbreaking but something well-executed.
I am at my 50th ink drawing this month, I will go back and count. I do want to know how many I did for September and August.

27 October 2014

The two upcoming films that I have an interest in watching are Fury and Interstellar.
The weekend was too short, I had wished it was longer.

Gone Girl

I had thought that Gone Girl would be an emotional family drama but it had turned out to be a bewildering story with numerous plot twists in the vein of a Hitchcock film from the sixties. It was compelling and disturbing. A worthwhile film. Recommended.

21 October 2014

Planet Hollywood

Do you remember eating at Planet Hollywood? It was a big thing in the mid-nineties.

I remember visiting the one at Liat Towers. Planet Hollywood has seen a massive decline. In its heyday, Planet Hollywood has close to a hundred restaurants around the world. Presently, it has eight. It has gone through two bankruptcies, it has seen its share price decline to US$1.00 from US$32.00 in 1999.

The theme restaurant craze was over by 2000.

18 October 2014

16 October 2014


I think I prefer the rougher, grained texture of the Simply Sketchbook from Daler-Rowney over the Monologue sketchbook.

These are, of course, inexpensive sketchbooks.

15 October 2014

Of sketchbooks and loose sheets of paper

After completing two pieces in my Monologue sketchbook, I am reminded of why I generally prefer to draw on loose sheets of paper. There is less constriction.

Clan Of Xymox - Emily (Contrast Remix)

Of the selection at the library

I have come to the realisation that the library has not got most of the books that I want to borrow and read.

Occasionally, I would borrow a forgettable bestseller for a change of pace, otherwise, it simply is limited.

The reference library is better but the books cannot be taken out. Oh well.
I sleep far too late. I need to steel myself and sleep early.

14 October 2014

Drawing on a table

I am finally drawing on a proper table instead of drawing while lying in bed like I usually do.

Other than the drone of the aircon, it is silent. Perfect.
Exercise, however minimal, should do me some good, possibly a long walk.
I can't believe how tired I was yesterday. I need a means to fight off this Monday night tiredness.

13 October 2014

I need focus.

I did a fair bit today, in fact, quite a lot. However, there is still lots more to do, more useful tasks.

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is a game severely lacking in fun value, lacking tension. It appears to have been designed as something to pass the time, probably perfect for those who want time-wasters on mobiles while on the bus or train.

Plants vs Zombies was a bore when I first played it a long time ago. I played it again for a short while yesterday and it is still a bore.

Little things

I spent a lovely evening with Sweetie at Holland Village. We had dinner at a quiet Italian restaurant that had obviously seen better times in the past.

It was a quiet moment to be cherished.

10 October 2014

08 October 2014

I ran 5.2 km in the 33.5 degree heat yesterday. I could feel my burning throat late at night. I had breathed through the mouth when I ran.

07 October 2014

The haze has hit psi 147 or so yesterday. It has reached a tolerable 83 earlier today.

It looks like it is possible to go running this evening. I need to keep fit.
I can't wait to see Sweetie!
Sweetie and I had a wonderful weekend of exploration, shopping, Indian food and more. I love Sweetie!

01 October 2014

Alphaville - Forever Young (Special Dance Mix) (1985) (Audio)

It does look like I would be visiting the supermarket to buy more vegetables today. Broccoli, celery and more. I had bought baby spinach, turkey and two types of fishes yesterday.
Sweetie and I had fun at tea on Saturday afternoon. This was followed by a nice dinner at a cosy Italian establishment.

30 September 2014

The Man with a Samsung Mobile

A man in his sixties had approached me as I was about to visit the Fairprice supermarket today. He had wanted to know how he could pick up a call on his small Samsung mobile. I pointed out that the mobile was not ringing and he insisted that it was. After insisting a few more times, he decided to try a different tack. He pointed at his mobile and asked how he could check for missed calls. I observed that there was no indication that there was a missed call, there wasn't a missed call screen. I was suspicious. I had no desire to want to touch his mobile. I retreated with a smile and left him.


I dreamt that Sweetie and I were in this vast deserted hall with wood parquet flooring. The white-washed facade of the exterior had reminded me of the National Museum. I talked to a watchman in my dream, giving him a box of old cassettes.

I had thought in my dream that the hall would have made a great dancehall, an esoteric locale away from the city where people would visit to dance at midnight.

I was then awakened by the loud construction across the road from my home.

Birthday cake

I was ordering a birthday cake at the cake shop earlier today at Bishan when the woman behind the counter remembered that I used to buy CDs from her at Chua Joo Huat at Far East Plaza. She gave me a 10% discount.

Coincidentally, I walked by that unit, now occupied by a clothes store, on Saturday evening.

27 September 2014

Apple iTunes fiasco

I wonder if U2 will give Songs of Experience free after that Apple iTunes fiasco with Songs of Innocence.

I suspect it will not be the case and it was probably never the intention anyway.

These geriatric corporate rockers had wanted to promote the album format and yet, they had collaborated with Apple and its iTunes which was instrumental in dooming the album format through the sales of individual tracks on iTunes. How very ironic.

26 September 2014

Bombing the Islamic State (IS)

I am not sure if bombing sheds, buildings and technicals with machine guns would be enough. This would likely require a political solution of some kind. Sadly, it seems that the societies in that region are often held together by strongmen and their thugs.

Perhaps, bombing is just a form of containment, allowing the sectarian conflict to play itself out. Meanwhile, the world would receive cultural imports in the form of refugees. I am not sure if that would be a good thing.
For some reason, my mind was far too active last night and I did not sleep till 4 am. I am now sleepy.

This is going to be a trying day.

24 September 2014

More CDs have arrived! Yay! Encoding them and then copying them onto my mobile!

17 September 2014

16 September 2014

I must focus. Focus.

Front Line Assembly - Echoes [2014] - Contagion

New song from my favourite Canadian band.

Taxes for U?

I wonder how much of the 100 million paid to U2 for their brand of corporate rock made it as taxes to the Irish state.

U-turn over U2's album

I saw a lot of backlash on Facebook when Apple forced dinosaur rockers U2's new album on their users onto their hated iTunes programmes. Now, Apple has created a one-click removal tool for the removal of this album, an embarrassing U-turn. Well, U2 was popular to youths in the early to mid-80s, by the nineties, they were staples of adult-oriented radio (AOR), essentially safe and easy listening for the middle-aged. Presuming mass popularity is simply the height of Apple's hubris.

And U2's response?
"And for the people out there who have no interest in checking us out, look at it this way… the blood, sweat and tears of some Irish guys are in your junk mail."

Well, this, coming from the richest band in the world, erm, well...

At least, Apple was fast in providing that tool.

11 September 2014

Ane Brun & Vince Clarke 'Fly on the Windscreen' Depeche Mode Cover

Interesting interpretation of an old Depeche Mode song. It has a Vince Clarke arrangement. I like it.

Alison Moyet - When I Was Your Girl

The Alison Moyet single that was released last year. I have heard of the release but I didn't go listen. Now that I have, it is a pleasant surprise, not bad at all, it harks back to some of her earlier songs.

Interestingly, the girl who appeared in the music video with her is her daughter.


The march of the iDiots has begun! Shiny products for the masses! Buy! Buy!

08 September 2014

Kun Rong showed me a few pieces that he is submitting just now, it was inspiring how he conjured these images of dread and gloom.
Sweetie brought me on an adventure on Saturday. It brought me out of my comfort zone as well!

We had Turkish food for dinner after.
It is a struggle to remain awake.
I am so sleepy. I should have slept earlier. Oh well.

03 September 2014

The garden festival and night festival were great! Sweetie and I had fun at both these festivals.

25 August 2014

Relegation guesses

It is hard to guess which teams would be relegated. I had guessed Stoke City, Hull and Crystal Palace in the 2013-2014 season. It turns out that Norwich, Cardiff and Fulham were relegated.

I usually get them wrong.

Prediction for relegation candidates 2014-2015

My prediction for relegation candidates 2014-2015 are:

Crystal Palace
Queens Park Rangers

19 August 2014

Acrobat bloat

It takes forever to open Adobe Acrobat .pdf files. Scrolling through the document is extremely slow too. Likewise, printing. I remember that the Acrobat Reader was once a 4MB programme, now, it is a piece of unwieldy bloatware that ties up a lot of resources.

14 August 2014

Sunny Bookshop

Sunny Bookshop is finally closing for good. I used to purchase science fiction novels from them in the nineties before the arrival of Borders. The selection then was fairly complete, one could find all the books of a single trilogy for instance.

This incarnation of Sunny Bookshop is at Plaza Singapura. The previous two iterations under the original owner were at Plaza Singapura.

I have also visited San Bookstore, the current owner of Sunny, since the early nineties at Peninsula Plaza and other locales. Sadly, all the San Bookstores are closing as well.

I bought two volumes last night.

07 August 2014

Thursday! Wheeeeeeeee!

Smashed vehicles

I saw a badly smashed taxi and car on the road last week, this morning I saw two badly smashed cars on the same road. Wow!

I don't think anyone was injured in both accidents though but the cars were wrecked.

06 August 2014

18 July 2014

From the looks of it, there are about four more tank models that are worth getting in the next half year. For the others, I will give them a miss. I don't want or need them.

15 July 2014

How very interesting.

It turns out I did not have to stay. I am in no mood to run.

It does look as if I will be in the office later than usual. Heh.

Tangerine Dream Live in Zürich 2012: »Stratosfear 2005« (13/16)

There isn't enough time today to do some things that has to be done. Heh. It will be done tomorrow then.
I have some ideas that I want to put on paper. I also want to paint. Oh well. I will see what happens later.

John Foxx & The Maths - Running Man (2011)

John Foxx - No One Driving

John foxx & Louis Gordon - Camera (album track) -audio only-

I was listening to this while I was driving home after sending Sweetie home one night.

John Foxx Underpass - Dark Long & Sinister mix by Mark Reeder

Interesting remix. I don't recall hearing this one previously. Hmm..
Quite a bit accomplished today. I will need to schedule for the engineer, fire safety contractors, lift servicing folks to come on Friday. Busy busy.

I need to re-type a few documents too.

Real Life - Send Me An Angel '89

I have much to do today. I need focus. Yesterday was not productive though I did get some things done.

World Cup Final - Argentina vs Germany

Argentina 0 Germany 1

I am glad Germany won the World Cup, it was well deserved. Germany has always been my second choice team after Italy. I am elated. They were a team with flair, with flowing attacking football. Sadly, the match was at an odd hour, I did not watch it. I did watch the wondrous goal that gave the Germans the victory. What a goal.

Messi's potential was spotted when he was seventeen, and every pundit had said that he was destined for greatness. He achieved that at club level, and is now often acclaimed as the best player in the world. Playing at the World Cup is another matter altogether, it is not that it is harder or easier, just different. Messi could not do enough to guarantee victory, he was not a Maradona, he was just himself, a different player.

Brazil 0 Netherlands 3

The arrogance of Brazil certainly know no bounds. As it is with arrogance and hubris, the fall is often a great one. In any case, the third place match is absolutely unnecessary.

Neymar Jr, like Messi, was one whose shoulders bore the weight of his nation, he did whatever he could, like Messi, but it was not enough.

12 July 2014

Germany! Germany! I will be cheering for Germany, come Sunday! I hope Germany beats Argentina.

10 July 2014

Novena Square

In 2000, Novena was a sleepy junction with United Square, formerly Goldhill Square and a few other office buildings nearby. Today? It is a medical hub as well as being a concentration of three small malls.

09 July 2014

Germany 7 Brazil 1

Germany! Germany! I can barely believe my eyes! What has just happened? I'm happy, my most hated team in the World Cup is out and in the most dramatic fashion! Yay!

Yes, I have a sort spot for Germany because all the journalists in the local media and also the British media are anti-Germany and pro-Brazil. The Germans have played a good, skilful game (since the beginning according to accounts) without committing the most fouls or being dirty.

I would not be sorry if Germany goes and lift the World Cup now. I do like the Netherlands but Robben, despite his wonderful skills, does leave a sour taste because of his diving.

This has been a most wonderful footballing year. Manure and Brazil are now in the dustbin.

28 June 2014

Ares Defense Shrike 5.56mm

My preferred weapon in Battlefield 4 is the AWS, which is actually the Ares Defense Shrike 5.56mm which is a weapon that I have not heard of despite having extensively read up on small arms over the last two decades. It is most curious. I do wonder as to the production numbers and the users of this light machine gun.

The Ares Defense Shrike appears to be a gas piston-operated machine gun with M16 furniture. How does it fare in real life? The reliability? The operation? The accuracy?

In terms of gameplay, the weapon has very little recoil and is highly usable. The youtube phenomena, Levelcap, has labelled it as the best light machine gun in Battlefield 4. I can see why he has judged so.

Of Suarez and his punishment

The punishment of a ban of four months given to Suarez appears to be rather light in view of his repeated offences. One would think that the punishment would be of an escalatory nature, thus resulting in a far longer sentence.

Oh well, a player of such ability with such control of the ball appear to lack control of his emotions and his mouth. He appears absolutely unrepentant too.

However, a more severe backlash would be his loss of sponsors. A gambling firm has pulled out. I wonder if it will result in a flood of the loss of them, if he has them. I guess he can depend on Uruguayan firms for his sponsorship now.

Laying down a curtain of fire with light machine guns

I clearly can't match people and aimbots in 'gun and run' matches, so, I would usually take a LMG, unfold the bipod and lay down a curtain of fire in a choke point and attempt to get as many kills as possible. It can work well at times.
I doubt if my improvement in accuracy and speed in movement would improve dramatically with more practice. My improvement would also need to improve as would the need to flank enemies. Thus, I will play to my strengths and minimise my exposure to scenarios that show up my weaknesses.

I think in this iteration of Battlefield, there are more people with aimbots. There are also very good players around who have played 500 hours or more and are phenomenal. It is hard to tell.

26 June 2014

Japanese Type 95 Light Tank Evaluation

Accepting anecdotal stories, hearsay and cherry-picked data

"The more we teach people to simply accept anecdotal stories, hearsay, cherry-picked data (picking out what supports your claims but ignoring what doesn't), and, frankly, out-and-out lies, the harder it gets for people to think clearly. If you cannot think clearly, you cannot function as a human being. I cannot stress this enough. Uncritical thinking is tearing this world to pieces, and while astrology may not be at the heart of that, it has its role."
Quote from Phil Plait

25 June 2014


Asian, African and European teams are all getting knocked out leaving only those from the Americas. There are only precious few European teams left, challenging for the World Cup.

It does appear that Brazil will lift the trophy.

Suarez bites!

Suarez could audition for the role of Jaws in an upcoming Bond movie if they should resurrect that role. Haha.

A headline spotted on Soccernet:

"Uruguay bite back against Italy"

Hahahaha, hilarious!

Steam Summer sales

The Steam Summer sales is here again. This time round, there is precious little that I want. I looked at the sale list earlier. No, nothing.

Pasta Chiellini

Seen in a comment on BBC:
"Suarez completes his 3-course meal with a Pasta Chiellini"...

Italy, England, Spain out.

Ooooh, Italy is out.

As is Spain and England. The European teams are falling by the wayside in the Americas again.

Surprisingly, Greece is through. Astonishing.

18 June 2014

World War II Aircraft Identification Quiz 2

This quiz tests your ability to identify Second World War aircraft. The quiz has been geared towards the enthusiast and will be difficult for the layperson. For the enthusiast, this should prove relatively easy. The quiz will include any aircraft that existed in between 1937 to 1945 including experimental types that were first flown during that period but put in production later. I hope you will have as much fun with it as I did creating it. Enjoy the quiz!

16 June 2014

Aircraft Identification Quiz - Postwar

Here is another aircraft identification quiz that I have created. It is focused on postwar aircraft. It should be relatively easy for the aviation enthusiast and difficult for the layperson. If you have an interest in aviation, do give this a try.

Oh well.

Thoughts on the current World Cup

Many pundits have predicted a Brazil-Argentina final. I wouldn't be surprised if it ended that way with Brazil winning.

As for Brazilian players diving, we have witnessed it time and again and because their players are skilful and have flair, people are willing to overlook their transgressions. Meanwhile, players from other nations who resort to such measures would have been roundly condemned. Two standards, one for Brazilians and one for everyone else.

New direction

In the last fortnight, I have been finishing on artwork left over from the early months of this year, as such, I have completed six or seven complex pieces. There is only one piece or so to go, after which, I will chart a new direction. I will also continue with some of what I am doing.

World Cup matches

I have not watched any of the World Cup matches. On Sunday morning, I did see a few minutes of the Japan-Ivory Coast match on TV.

I can't summon the enthusiasm for it this time. In any case, Brazil being crowned champions appear to be a foregone conclusion, the matches are a formality.

14 June 2014


My Sweetie is charming!

Spain vs the Netherlands

The result came as a complete surprise. I am still somewhat sceptical as to the Dutch team winning the World Cup. This is just one result in a long campaign. The Dutch may have peaked too early.

All that Spanish possession, about 64%, appeared to have amounted to little in this match.
Bowling last night was great fun with Sweetie! Wheeeeeeeeee! Sadly, we didn't manage to play Daytona.


I am not worried about Amazon despite some publishers and writers decrying their policies. Despite Amazon's seemingly bullying tactics towards suppliers, and their seemingly monopolistic position, they have not raised prices. Their low prices benefit the consumers. They get a better deal for customers.

In future, if they were to try to raise prices after crushing all opposition, they will only open themselves to new players to come in with better prices. I am not worried about Amazon.

With regards to writers claiming that they are affected, yes, they need to negotiate a better deal with the publishers, that is between them and their publishers, not the bookseller like Amazon.

Yes, I am buying truckloads from Amazon these days since brick and mortar booksellers do not meet my needs with their limited selection nor their prices.

13 June 2014

Favourites of World Cup 2014

I think Brazil is the overwhelming favourite to lift the world cup. I don't gamble and I don't know what odds the bookmakers are giving I expect them to be accurate since it is their lifeline or trade here.

In addition, I suspect that Brazil will have the officials favouring them since they are the host nation.
Sweetie and I witnessed a magnificent sunset over Marina Bay on Saturday evening. It was a perfect day, a day of viewing dinosaur exhibits and finally exploration of food at a buffet, my first real one in a long time!

Brazil vs Croatia

I did not watch the Brazil-Croatia match but I did expect the officials to favour the host nations, much like how they had favoured South Korea during the South Korea-Japan world cup years ago. It came as no surprise when I hear that a dubious penalty had been awarded to Brazil in the match at dawn.

12 June 2014

Old railway station at Tanjong Pagar

I have visited the old railway station at Tanjong Pagar twice. I had the opportunity to take the train but I declined. I took photos then and last year.