30 April 2012

New call new idiot

A call from Global Market Research with a heavily accented fellow on the telephone who just went on talking forever. Carbon trading or something or so he claims. I left him hanging and he called again..

28 April 2012

27 April 2012

Friday finally! Wheeeeeeeeee! Tonight, it will be browsing at Kinokuniya at Liang Court followed by drawing!

Worn out shoes

My shoes wear out very fast. The front ends have split, I could see my toes. The bottoms have holes. The rear is worn out. How many years has it been?

26 April 2012

Whoa! Another call!

A fourth call no less! The original guy is probably sobbing in the corner somewhere. Now, a strongly accented woman has called from GMI. She said her name is Kasey or Casey. That is the signal for me to leave her hanging. Hilarious!

A third time!

He calls again for the third time! GMI guy! He's a bit dim. I wonder if he will call for a fourth time.

GMI strikes twice!

Woo, I left the line hanging. The GMI guy continued talking. Then, he calls back and says that the line has been disconnected. Now, he starts all over. I am leaving it hanging again. This is entertaining.

Yet another call from GMI

Woo! A call from 'GMI company'. Some guy with a strong accent.

Fading away

I doubt if I will see a response. I think her interest has faded a long time back. Nothing else to say or do.


It seems a folly to continuing pursuing after almost year. I need to look elsewhere.

Drawing at the food court at Orchard Cineleisure

I was Leos, Isaac, Amelia and Kun Rong at the food court at Orchard Cineleisure last Friday.

25 April 2012

Drawing at MOS Burger at Millennia's Walk

Drawing with Jake, Annabella, Marc, Leos, Derrick, and Kun Rong at the MOS Burger at Millennia's Walk on Saturday night.

24 April 2012


I borrowed this volume, 'Shooter' by Jack Coughlin, Casey Kuhlman and Donald A. Davis and finished it in the course of two days. A fast accessible read which reveals little insight of the operating methods of a sniper. I wish there were more. As for the psyche and mentality, the volume doesn't feel particularly personal. This is, of course, not literature, just a straight forward narrative.
The weekend was far too short!

23 April 2012

Torn out pages

The condition of borrowed books from the library is terrible. I find torn out pages to be quite common. I do wonder about our society.

War Games

I borrowed and read this volume from the library. I had been meaning to buy 'War Games: The Story of Aid and War in Modern Times' by Linda Polman.

The book is an exposé on the the aid industry and how it co-exists with low-intensity warfare world wide. Shocking but not surprising and not unknown in many of the instances.

20 April 2012

Friday! Finally! Wheeeeeee!

Singaporean aircraft carriers

I think people who propose that Singapore acquire aircraft carriers should re-consider and examine their positions.

The costs of running an aircraft carrier would include that of the flight component, aircrew, aircraft complement, and also escorting vessels. An aircraft carrier does not operate in isolation.

The Royal Navy has had decades to formulate operating practices and a tradition. With regards to their Sea Harriers everywhere, those VTOL jets have had a high incident and loss rate.

The aircraft carrier and its escort group will also have a lifespan, likewise the airframes.

Besides the cost, is projecting military power at such costs worthwhile? There are a lot of strategic and cost issues to consider.

19 April 2012

The angry and the bitter

It is funny. You get these people who hate Singapore and complain incessantly about it. Yet, these very same people choose to come live here. Economic refugees of a sort? Yes. Their social commentary? More tirades than anything. Bitter and angry.

This is, of course, with reference to a Chinese and a Malaysian that I know in the context of something. Then, there are a few Singaporeans I know who are just as bitter. One of them, I think, will spend the rest of her life in bitterness, angry with the 'elites' whoever they are...

Of the unimaginative and more

Kun Rong had once stated that if it had been under different leadership, it would have taken a vastly different direction. It certainly could have. As it is, the lack of imagination ruled the day, being dictated by personal conveniences, meal locations and more. It is a pity.

As it is, it will be up to the little people to persevere and perhaps, chart something new. Anyway, it is immaterial, the most unlikely of situations can often bring out the most fabulous of creations.

The staid? They will continue with the same course and be consigned to the dustbins of history.

18 April 2012

Books from the Library

Two volumes which I had borrowed from the Bishan Library. 'Sniper One' was a fast read, an account of a British battle group in Southern Iraq.

'The Unforgiving Minute' is an account of soldier who went through West Point, the Ranger course, a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University and finally seeing action in Afghanistan.

I will likely read 'Generation Kill' soon.

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Of the warped

I have got a friend who has a very warped sense of history. His knowledge stems from anime, manga and documentaries. He is unable to critically evaluate his sources given his very lack of knowledge.

He has no sense of perspective at all and is very selective in his interpretation. He often thinks that he knows but his lack of breath and depth dooms him to repeating soundbites from bad documentaries.

I hope in time to come, he can read more from proper sources, learn to think critically and evaluate his sources and from there, grow.


I test everyone often with the things I say and do. Their reaction or lack of is the resultant. There is no fail or pass in these tests. They simply tell me things about human nature.

16 April 2012

Over 50

Lara Tan: except you who is over 50 ...

Me: hahahaahaha
Very evil!
Can I blog that sentence?

Lara Tan: it's alright...old and wise...

Fixing his TV

Caveboy has to fix his TV?! Everyone was going, 'GET REEEEEEALLLL!' Hahaha.

The seduction of money

Hellboy is pandering to their every desire and whim. on weekends and so forth. He has no life as he described it. And he doesn't have the balls to refuse them. I guess the pay is too alluring.

I recall his worry over being sued and lawyers.But there is no contract. Actually, the real aspect is not that but rather being black-marked and not ever getting new deals.


Google+ interface was sucky and now it is worse. Anyway, it is immaterial as no one really uses it anyway.

14 April 2012

Lots of people at the drawing session today apparently. Wow! However, it is going to be a hot day. Outdoors at Spinelli's? Hmm..
A warm Saturday morning. Let's see what the day will hold.

13 April 2012

The lack of nerve

I have at least three friends who are of the agreeable sort. They can't seem to ever summon the courage to do things. When faced with something they deemed as disagreeable to someone, and despite their trepidation and misgivings, they would not have the courage to oppose or go against the grain.

Two of them are intelligent to an extent and have great ability in what they do. Somehow, through this inability to summon courage of a sort, they will forever be ruled by people of lesser ability and intelligence, ruled by the crafty and the sly.

Tonight, I saw an example of this and was somewhat discouraged. I think I will see another example soon.

They have improved a bit since I know them but I think it is against their nature to be otherwise. I have faint hopes for them in ever growing a backbone.

12 April 2012

I was just at Junction 8 for lunch and I also visited the Bishan library and borrowed two books which I generally would not spend a cent on. I also visited the supermarket.

11 April 2012

I met up with Leonard, Malcolm, Adrian and Jerry at Ajisen at Junction 8 last night and we talked till 10:20 pm.
It was a cold 24 degrees in the evening yesterday. There was heavy rainfall in the afternoon.

05 April 2012

We are drawing tonight! Woo! Usual place!
I finally got a HDD from SLS last night to backup my data. I had waited long enough.

The end of Spinelli's at the Heeren

I spent many happy afternoons drawing here. The Heeren is undergoing yet another renovation. After losing their anchor tenant, HMV and Marche to 313, the place is now rather deserted. It would appear that the management is hoping that a new round of renovation would bring back the crowds. Spinelli's is closing as the place is going under refurbishment again.

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04 April 2012

Of mannerisms which seem like that of a cartoon character

A Fuji-Xerox salesgirl and salesman just walked in. She talked like some cartoon character. And also pushing government grants to buy her machine. Heh

More Donald Duck jokes

There were some Donald Duck jokes last weekend. Heheheheh. I expect that there may be more this weekend!
I do need a new external HDD for backups. Kun Rong needs one too. Should I go to Sim Lim Square this evening?

Of the deluded

His expectations and dreams, however unrealistic, do not just border on delusion, it is delusion. As observed by others, he is 'totally deluded'. I should think people should have a sense of perspective about life. A sense of priorities and more. We are all not born to be rock stars or even, stand out in the crowd. Most of us are ordinary yet individual in our own way. Do I foresee a bad end? I don't know really. It is hard to say.

Of manifestation in drawings

Hellboy or Cartoonboy seems more active these days. He hasn't died in his underground hideout after all. His hated as manifested in his drawings is scary.

Drama Mama

I have a friend who is a very reckless person as well as a drama mama. I think his sense of proportion is out of wack. It is almost akin to Christian fundamentalist survivalists gearing up for the apocalypse. He gets emotional over almost everything.
A chilly rainy morning again. 25 degrees!

03 April 2012

Internet connection

A varied day. I'm having problems setting up the internet connection for a new Dell machine. Is it a router problem? Hmm.. I have done a hard reset. I may have to resort to something else now.