27 February 2017

Apparently, buying ice-cream to bribe people works. Funny how people would rather go with an unprincipled, power-hungry person with tyrannical tendencies.
There will always be people who will sell out, follow the herd. Extremely disappointing, I have left with great disgust. They will use reasons like unity against a common enemy and more. Aligning oneself with disagreeable creatures is really not the way to go.

16 February 2017

I realise that I have not watched a movie in the cinema or on DVD for over a year now. Has it been that long?

Time flies.

13 February 2017

I haven't been having dinner for the last two Fridays and one Saturday. Finally, I did have dinner on Saturday evening, a vegetarian pizza at the Living Café. It was delicious.
Revising the prices of a brochure on sepak takraw balls and net. Prices have gone up across the board.
A little bird had flown into my room a few days ago. It was distressed at being trapped. I managed to open a window and shoo it out