27 March 2015

21 March 2015

As someone who draws (I don't call myself an artist, other people may be but I am probably not), I guess I have this perfectionist streak (nothing as severe as those great artists), or at least a need to for good work. Bad stuff leaves me vacant.

I spoiled two pieces last night. I have not had such disasters in a while. Oh well. I spent part of last night trying to salvage them. Perhaps, I should start with a clean piece of paper and forget them.

I am probably just unhappy with bad work. It bothers me.

12 March 2015

I will sleep at midnight tonight. I need more sleep.
A good run yesterday. The temperature was 25.5 degrees. I was faster.

I will go run again today.

11 March 2015

Saint Etienne - Method of Modern Love

I heard this wonderful song in concert in Singapore a few years ago.
I bought coffee when I was at Bishan today. I think I will need it.

I hope to run 5.2 km this evening if the weather holds up.