31 July 2006

The INS Hanit attack

There seems to be quite a bit more. The Styx/Silkworm/C802 class missiles are a 30-year old design and the missile is the size of a small aircraft. It is essentially an aircraft laden with explosives. Here is more information:

Make of what you will. Reliable and accurate information?

From an article from defence update:

"Apparently, two missiles were launched toward the Israel Navy Ship (INS) Hanit (Spear), SAAR V class corvette patrolling the Lebanese coast 16 kilometers from the shore. The attack was a coordinated, simultaneous “high/low” attack - the first “high” missile passed over the Israeli ship. Missing the target, it continued flying, hitting and sinking a civilian Egyptian ship cruising 60 kilometers from the shore. The second missile followed a sea-skimming flight profile hitting the Israeli vessel at the stern, killing four sailors and setting the flight deck on fire and crippling the propulsion systems inside the hull."


"The simultaneous attack was probably using two techniques as well, ensuring maximum chances of success. The Israeli Navy believes the missiles used targeing data from Lebanese coastal radars, therefore maintaining low electro-magnetic signature throughout the attack prparation phase."

From an article on Wikipedia:

"Originally the IDF Naval Force claimed the ship had suffered only limited damage at the hands of an explosive laden UAV. After the true extant of the damage was revealed, the IDF claimed the ship had been hit by an Iranian c-802 antiship missile. And that the missile was only able to hit the Hanit because it's sophisticated automatic missile defense system was not deployed. The claims of the c-802 seem questionable for a number of reasons. i) the c-802 is a long range over the horizon antishiping missile that requires a large infrastructure to ensure it's successful launching; this seems to be far beyond the current capababilities of the Hizb-e-allah armed wing. ii) the c-802 is designed to sink a vessel of 10 kilotons, the Hanit is a Saar 5 corvette massing ~1.3 kilotons, it's level of damage is inconsistent with that of the c-802. iii) it seems highly questionable that the Hanit would have turned off her defensive systems in enemy waters, especially considering that another nearby IDF ship had deployed its defense system."


"The Iranian version of the c-701 , the Kosar, uses an autonomous millimeter tracker in lieu of the electro-optical tracker of the PRC c-701. The max range of the Kosar anti-patrol boat missile is identical to the distance of the Hanit from the Lebanese shore and the the damage level of the Hanit seems to be more in line with the smaller explosive warhed of the c-701. Furthermore the Kosar is designed to be launched by small groups from the backs of light lorries against targets that are within visual range, this seems to be well within the capability envelope of the armed wing of Hezbollah."

Anyway, there are questions as to the viability of small platforms of 1500 tonnes and under (1200+ for the INS Hanit) of mounting anti-missile and anti-aircraft defences. This may have just shown up these corvettes and fast-attack craft for what they are, paper tigers. On paper, they appear to be formidable and survivable platforms.

In the Gulf War of 1991, the entire Iraqi navy with its Lurssen types and others were essentially destroyed by Sea Skuas fired by Sea Lynxs and iron bombs from F/A-18s. On every occasion, the fast attack crafts and corvettes were unable to defend themselves against the Sea Lynx helicopters (the inability to lock and receive a targeting solution). Now, one can claim that the Iraqi navy or the Iranian one (in the clashes with the US navy in the eighties) were not competent, however, the Israeli navy is probably the best trained one in the Middle East and the INS Hanit the best and latest Israel vessel. I will write a little more on this later.
The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Hurrah Hurrah! I finished The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion last night. I didn't read the answers online or have to tweak the statistics to finish this game. Wilson recommended this a few months back and I am glad I took him up on his advice. Thank you Wilson!

The game is deeply satisfying, plotwise and gameplay wise. The amount of time spent is reasonable. And the game is not terribly difficult, being extremely player friendly for people who have to work. One need not be a seventeen year old with no life to complete this. I finished the game at level 21. One can finish it earlier or later. Level 21 is a good level to finish it.

The game allows one to complete little quests as well as do the main quest at one's own pace. Like what Wilson was saying, it can be completed in 20 hours or less if one decides not to do the side quests. One need not have great time-commitments to play this.

Highly recommended.

Lastly, I would like to recommend this game to Dennis, Grey, Desmond, Ben, AK, CK, Wei Yi, Winnie, Willie, Colin and Brian. Don't miss it.

I will be playing Titan Quest next. I will pick this up at Sim Lim Square on Friday night.


For efficient levelling, visit: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Oblivion
Pz Kpfw II

The Germans fielded large numbers of this 20mm armed vehicle in the 1939 campaign in Poland, 1940 campaign in France and 1941 in Russia. With the Pz Kpfw I, III, IV, 35t, 38t, these light vehicles were instrumental in the early victories.

Tank Museum, Bovington: 2006 Posted by Picasa

30 July 2006

Hetzer assault gun

An assault gun with a L48 75mm gun.

The vehicle is based on the chassis of the Pzkw 38t. A deadly defensive vehicle, easily concealed.

Tank Museum, Bovington: 2006 Posted by Picasa

29 July 2006

JSU-152 Assault Gun

The JSU-152 assault gun, armed with a 152mm gun, mounted with a box-like superstructure on a JS-2 chassis.

Imperial War Museum: Duxford 2006 Posted by Picasa

I will be posting a lot of images of armoured vehicles and aircraft from the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, the Imperial War Museum at London, the Tank Museum at Bovington.

I will also be posting images of arms and armour from the Royal Armouries at Leeds, British Museum and a few other sources.

I love sketching nature. There will be a series on trees and other images of the wilderness. There will also images of the famous Yu Rock Garden in Shanghai.

I will also be publishing my doodles and sketches.

Oh yes, because of my interest in architecture, there will also be images of various building types from Shanghai, Singapore, London, Cambridge, Oxford and so forth.

Lastly, all images here are for sharing. Make of what you will. Feel free.
Sa'ar 5 Eilat Class Missile Corvette hit

The recent news on the Lebanonese front has led people to overlook the Israeli vessel which was damaged with four deaths. Now, the details are coming out.

Amazing! The Israeli vessel that suffered a missile strike was apparently a highly advanced Sa'ar 5 Eilat-class missile corvette. Sa'ar 5 no less! Not a Sa'ar 1, 2, 3, 4 or 4.5. A Sa'ar 5! Astounding. The Sa'ar 5 Eilat-class missile corvette hit was the IN Hanit.

It was reported that in an article from Jane's that the "warhead of the Iranian-supplied Noor anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM) that hit Hanit off Lebanon on 14 July did not detonate. Even so, the missile - fired by Hizbollah forces - killed four crew and inflicted severe damage to the ship's flight deck and steering systems."

It is not in question that the missile was launched from a shore-based launcher, not unlike the land-based 'Silkworm' (Styx) SSMs used by the Iraqis. Now, new questions arise. How was the surface search conducted? What of target acquisition?

The Israelis cited an intelligence failure. It is not unlikely that the IN Hanit had detected the signal from the acquisition radar and had not responded as they either regarded the signal as unfamiliar or that the vessel regarded that it was not possible that the Hizbollah would possess such a weapon system.

It is ironic that the Israeli navy lost a destroyer named the Eilat a few decades ago to a Styx SSM.

More information on Jane's website indicated the following:

It was a "C-802 Noor (Tondar) radar-guided anti-ship missile..."


"The Noor, based on the Chinese C-802, was reported to have a 200 km range during manoeuvres conducted by the Iranian Navy in April 2005."

It is also noted that the various anti-missile CIWS were either inoperative or not activated.

"An initial debrief of the incident suggested that the Hanit was sailing without fully activating its Barak-point defence system. For other, undisclosed reasons, the Hanit's electronic countermeasures and electronic support measures, as well as the Vulcan Phalanx close-in weapon system failed to block or intercept the missile. "

If the C-802 Silkworm is the Chinese version of the 'Styx' with a 454kg HE hollow charge, why is the IN Hanit still afloat? Oh yes, I remember now, the 400-500kg warhead of the 2,300 kg missile didn't detonate.

The Israelis must be complacent as they had defeated the Arabs with their Styx-armed Komar class vessels in the seventies using shorter ranged Gabriel SSMs and terrain to mask their radar signatures. This time, the tables are turned as the Israelis are approaching from the sea and thus. The radar returns of the Styx or Silkworm should be familiar enough.

Besides the Iraqi and Iranian navies are known for their Silkworm arsenals. It is a wonder what the Syrians and Iranians are arming the Hizbollah.
David Gemmell dead

According to the BBC, David Gemmell has died at the age of 57. He died following bypass surgery.

I enjoyed his earlier work such as 'Legend' and 'Waylander' and have given up on his later ones. At this time, the first book of his planned trilogy on the Trojan War has been released. The second one is supposedly finished and is due out at the end of the year. I wonder if the publisher will employ a ghostwriter for the third.
Nitzer Ebb 'Body of Work'

The Nitzer Ebb 'Body of Work' retrospective is out! Forget the Cocteau Twins four-CD retrospective. This is the essential retrospective of the year.

Nitzer Ebb, is one of the pioneering EBM bands and has influenced many other bands besides Depeche Mode.

1. Isn't It Funny How Your Body Works
2. Warsaw Ghetto
3. Murderous
4. Let Your Body Learn
5. Join in the Chant
6. Control I'm Here
7. Hearts and Minds
8. Captivate
9. Shame
10. Lightning Man
11. Fun to Be Had
12. Getting Closer
13. Family Man
14. Come Alive
15. I Give to You
16. Godhead
17. Ascend
18. Kick It
19. I Thought

1. Get Clean
2. Joinh in the Chant (Gold!)
3. Control I'm Here [Strategic Dancefloor Initiative Mix]
4. Hearts and Minds [Mix Hypersonic]
5. Shame [Mix Two]
6. Captivate [William Orbit Mix]
7. Backlash [William Orbit Mix]
8. Fun to Be Had [Long Mix]
9. Out of Mind [Maitresse Mix]
10. Ascend [Remix]
11. Lakeside Drive [Remix]
12. Kick It [Popular Music Mix]
13. I Thought

28 July 2006

Books I'm currently reading

I am currently reading 'Cities' by John Reader. I was reading Colin Imber's 'The Ottoman Empire 1300-1650: The Structure of Power' and Carlos Ruiz Zafon's 'The Shadow of the Wind' before I started on 'Cities'. '

I am also reading one volume on artillery and one on tanks. I have also been reading a book on armoured vehicles developed by Vickers.

Cities' which "explores the city's raisons d'etre, functions and forms, its achievements and problems, from fortifications to sewers, factories to markets, theatres and bars." And the description at Amazon described that Cities "will investigate their parasitic relationship with the country around them, the webs of trade and immigration they inhabit, how they feed and water themselves and dispose of their wastes, focusing as much on Baron Haussman's creation of the Paris sewers as of his plans for the grand boulevards, on prostitution as on government, on human lives as on architecture, on markets as on cathedrals, in a sweeping exploration of what the city is and has been, fit to stand alongside Lewis Mumford's 1962 classic, "The City in History". "

Basically, the premise of 'Cities' is that the book seeks to explore the city within its environment.

I finished Arturo Perez-Reverte's 'The Fencing Master' two weeks ago. That was decent escapist fare. It was not particularly distinguished by any stretch of the imagination. If one were to read a Perez-Reverte book, read 'The Dumas Club' instead. The Fencing Master, however, is set in an interesting period in Spanish history when talk of revolution is rife.

Imber's study of the Ottoman Empire is about power structures including the state, the army, the navy and more. If one were a wargamer, this volume would be an ideal tome of source information.

I have started on 'False Gods' by Graham McNeill. So far, the second instalment of the Horus Heresy has been a drag. Warhammer 40, 000 is pulp fiction. Warhammer 40,000 novels is about action and maybe mythmaking as the Horus Heresy stories set within the Warhammer 40,000 are supposed to be.

'The Shadow of the Wind' is supposed to be very good. Again, the setting is in a turbulent period in Spanish history.

Anyway, I am always asking my friends and aquaintances as to what they are reading. Heheh. What are you guys reading now? Tell me tell me! Yes?
New Camouflage single 'Motif Sky' and album 'Relocated' to be released!

Finally, a new Camouflage release! A new Camouflage single 'Motif Sky' is due today and the new album 'Relocated' is due at the end of August. Camouflage has been the purveyor of excellent synthpop and electronic music since the release of their second album, 'Methods of Silence'. Initially, Camouflage was considered by many to be an excellent Depeche Mode clone after the release of their first album 'Voices and Images' with its poor English lyrics but excellent compositions. However, by the second album, 'Methods of Silence', Camouflage cleared up the poor language issues and managed to forge an identity of their own with a work with an oriental feel, 'Methods of Silence'. Since then, Camouflage has not looked back and has released numerous splendid albums.

I have always preferred Camouflage to Depeche Mode since the release of 'Methods of Silence' and if I were on a desert island and had to choose between Camouflage and Depeche Mode, you know where my Depeche Mode albums will go. In the sea. When Depeche Mode embraced a boring electro-blues direction with rock 'n roll pretensions and ceased being innovative in 1993, Camouflage remained adventurous with one release after another despite being overlooked. Camouflage just weren't delivering horrid stadium rock to the masses along the lines of U2, Depeche Mode, REM and their irk.


1. Motif Sky
2. Real Thing (Longer)
3. Conversation (Non-Album Track)
4. Motif Sky (Extended Version)
5. Motif Sky (Smallboy Dub Remix)

Source: Camouflage Website: http://www.camouflage-music.com/en/news.php and Camouflage newsletter

27 July 2006

Silly me, dancing on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral.

Here I am, outside the British Museum with His Highness, the Emperor of the Cosmos.

Addendum: The Emperor has shown me the error of my ways, he has decreed that this be UCL, not the British Musuem. Actually, it is UCL. I recall it now. It's quite an amazing place really.

26 July 2006

Yet more from AK

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
Remember how you said your kung fu could beat me up?

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
And you said it's a reality?

AK says:
you're Bin Chuang! The Shylock Shymeister! Giver of fun! Torturer of laughter!

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
It was on my blog.

AK says:
yes yes

25 July 2006

On setting up a Blog

So, AK decided to set up a blog. He examined several alternatives.

AK says:
hey what's the blogging site for msn?

AK says:
was thinking of starting one

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
spaces.msn.com or soemthing

AK says:
would you read my blog?

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
Why not?

AK says:
bah i can't be bothered.

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
I didn't expect you to start one anyway.

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
You don't have it in you to post every day.

AK says:
oooo! a challenge!

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
Fighting words.

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
But there's nothing behind it.

AK says:
fighting words?

AK says:
but i can beat you up.

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
I don't think you even have the will to start one.

AK says:
ahhhh anotehr challenge

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
Is your blog up yet?

AK says:

AK says:

24 July 2006

AK's Resolution

AK is such a gentleman. He made a resolution.

AK says:
i resolved btw, during lunch, between bites of my chicken wing, that i will be civil to you. no more inane rubbish.

22 July 2006


AK says:

AK says:
it's impt you do it.

AK says:
purge yourself. drink cleaning fluid now.

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
I thought CK was the village idiot from your contingent.

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
It is apparent that you are the village idiot.

AK says:
i should start a blog about your dodgy ways!

AK says:
atone now!

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
Go ahead!

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
Start your blog!

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
You don't have it in you.

18 July 2006

Duxford and Cambridge

I was at Duxford and Cambridge yesterday. I saw a flying F-4U Corsair and a flying P-51D Mustang. The pilot of the Mustang was Ed Shipley.

Kitten in hiding

She loves hiding around. Here she is, perching next to a pot. She's quite a funny one.

17 July 2006

On Politics

AK is always full of opinions. Here is his opinion on the Iraq situation.

AK says:

AK says:
with the way iraq is going.

AK says:
might be good to make saddam president again.

14 July 2006

Bovington, Tank MuseumsV-22 Ospreys, Spartan APCs and Princes

On the way to the Bovington Tank Museum yesterday, Emperor Loh 's sharp eagle eyes spotted a V-22 Osprey in the skies! We were absolutely gobsmacked! An Osprey tiltrotor in the south of England! Simply amazing.

And just outside the tank museum, we saw a columu of Spartan APCs. Each crew of each Spartan waved and gave us the thumbs up as they sped past at high speed. Emperor Loh even recorded a video of this. Later, we learned that Prince Harry was training in one of these vehicles. We were astounded.

I will put up pictures of the Spartan column later.

Source of Image: Ministry of Defence UK website
Game Stores in London

I visited Playing Games near the British Museum a few days ago. I will drop by Orcs Nest and Leisure Games later today.

I am writing this on the Great Emperor Loh's IBM Thinkpad in Elysee Hotel where he's staying. Emperor Loh the Magnificient condemned this hotel, proclaiming 'a dump!' It is obviously not up to his high royal imperial standards. I did tell him to commandeer Buckingham Palace but he was too modest.

We will visit the National Gallery this morning.

12 July 2006

Italy won the World Cup!

Woo! I can't believe it! Italy struggled in the group stages which was not unusual. I still can't believe that Italy has won! WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Human League, Marc Almond, Depeche Mode DVDs

I saw quite a few Marc Almond concert DVDs at Virgin Megastore. I also spotted a Human League concert DVD. What a pity. No one brings them into Singapore.

I bought the Depeche Mode 'John the Revelator/Lilian' DVD single for the remix of 'Lilian'. It was only 2.99 pounds.
Forbidden Planet

I was at Forbidden Planet, London today. It's geek central. There was even a guy wearing a 'geek' t-shirt. Oh yes, all the patrons are overweight and have pale skins.

10 July 2006

Building at Crusaden Road

This forgotten seedy-looking building at Crusaden Road, the Ming Arcade, houses pubs, bars, pool parlours and offices. It is tucked right behind the Orchard Parade Hotel (formerly the Ming Court Hotel). Image taken with a mobile phone camera on a rainy afternoon.

09 July 2006

Superb Goalkeeping by Kitty prevents Zidane and Henry from scoring!

Marvellous football from Kittizuri! Woo!

Here it comes!

Woo! Kitty grasps it! With this form, even Buffon place in the Italian team is in danger!

08 July 2006

World Cup! Meooooow! Football!

Kitten for Italy! Meow!

Grooooowl! Italy! Meow! My striker kitten practising for the Italian team! Woo!

07 July 2006

Kuoby's View

AK (Kuoby) said something today and in my experience, I quite agree with him.

AK says:
yup. well, most govt types i deal with aren't very good at their jobs.

AK says:
they don't know it or refuse to admit it.

Twin Towers

Quick sketch done some time ago. Pigment ink technical pens.

06 July 2006

France 1 Portugal 0

EXCELLENT! Portugal out! Yes!

Now, regarding Cristiano Ronaldo, his antics were obvious and predictable.

From a BBC article:

"Ronaldo tried to win a spot-kick of his own moments later, but his theatrical dive under the slightest challenge from Willy Sagnol was ignored by referee Jorge Larrionda."

From a Soccernet article:

"Ronaldo produced another elaborate dive in a bid to win a penalty, eight minutes before the break.

He threw himself to the turf as he jostled with Sagnol for position under cross from Luis Figo. "

From a New York Times article:

"In the 30th minute, Ronaldo tumbled spectacularly after running past the French defender Eric Abidal. Domenech was incredulous on the sideline, gesturing wildly that Ronaldo had taken a dive. The referee did not blow the whistle."

05 July 2006

Germany 0 Italy 2

Italy! Italy!
What's up with that Brazil?

AK was obviously upset that his favourites Brazil didn't win and this was another conversation thread on MSN Messenger where he vented and ranted.

AK says:

AK says:
i'm upset, they were my favourites.

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
Oh well.

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
I thought they will win too.

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
I thought it will be an Argentina-Brazil final.

AK says:
it's either germany or france now.

AK says:

AK says:
both traitorous nations.

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
How so?

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
How are they traitorous?

AK says:
eh? german nazis!

AK says:
french er. er.

AK says:
they gave up to the germans!

AK says:
deported jews.

AK says:

Chuang Shyue Chou says:

AK says:
what do you think of that.

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
This is another Kuoby classic. I will put it on my blog.

Singapore Open Gaming (SOG) V

Ken has announced the next session of Singapore Open Gaming. Note that it will not be this weekend. It will the weekend after this one.

Date: 15th July 2006
Time: 1:00 pm-6:00 pm
Venue: Blk 3 Queen's Rd #01-139 (Residents' Committee Hall, located one level below West Lake Restaurant)
Cost: $3

All are welcome!

04 July 2006

Cute Asthmatic Children

Here's another weird one from MSN Messenger:

CH says:
merkin directors always seem to find asthmatic children cute.

It's a reference to the boy in Superman. I think he's right.

- Ben - says:
I think sometimes people need to shower and leave their apartment

- Ben - says:
it does them good

This is yet another MSN Messenger conversation. It is with reference to someone we know.
Intelligently Designed


Hahahahah. I'm not a fan of Doonesbury but this one is hilarious!

To think that there are creationists in this day and age.
Snog 'Born To Be Mild '

There is noting wrong with your television set
There is noting wrong with your television set
We will control all that you see and hear
We repeat we will control all that you see and hear

Wy life consecrated by the Vogue year book
My style dictated by the Rick Astley look
I drive a car but I can't read a book
I don't eat meat except for a little bit of chook

Born to be mild like the first suburban child
Born to be king of the really boring things

My life consecrated by the Vogue year book
My style dictated by the Rick Astley look
I drive a car but I can't read a book
I don't eat meat except for a little bit of chook

Born to be mild like the first Mcdonalds child
Born to be king like that fist Mcdonalds child
I have a dream
Corporate martial law
I have a dream
Corporate martial law

My heart controlled by the share outlook
My veins a pumping with the cash I took
I can't afford the credit I book
Out upon the damage I look

Do not attempt to think or depression may occur
Do not attempt to think

Born to be mild like the first McDonalds child
Born to be king of the really empty things
Born to be mild like the first McReagen child
Born to be king of that overfed empty grin
Born to be mild like the first freemarket child
Born to be king of the endless buying binge

My times reflected by the pills I took
My comfort created by the conscience I shook
I can't believe the saftey of my tiny little nook
I won't leave it ever not even for a look

Dedicated to all my friends and the people I know whose lives are steeped in consumerism, buttressed by iPods, PDAs, home entertainment systems, trendy TV series, annual vacations, Bose audio products, safe jazz music and a family car (yeah, a Black Subaru or Mitsubishi Lancer Evo).

Source: Snog's album 'Lies Inc.' (David Thrussell)

03 July 2006

How about you and me fight?

AK says:
how about you and me fight?

AK says:
i bet i could beat you up.

AK says:
with my martial arts skill.

AK says:
you there? are you peeing in your pants?

AK says:

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
I have a longer reach. I can hold you on your head and you can't touch me.

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
What are you going to do about that?

AK was left speechless for quite a bit. He was probably sulking somewhere before he returned with a rejoinder ten minutes later.

AK says:
oh you've got a fever don't you? delusional.

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
Gollum wants to dispute this point?

Chuang Shyue Chou says:
Face it Gollum, you're short.

02 July 2006


Brazil 0 France 1. France has done it again! It has often been overlooked that France has traditionally been a bane of Brazil and now, France has again beaten the hot favourite with its galaxy of football superstars. BRILLIANT!

What an amazing turn of events!

England 0 Portugal 0. Meanwhile, dismal England is finally out after another horrific performance at the penalty shootout. Don't they ever learn?

Self-destructive tendencies and petulance aren't necessary qualities that one should look for in a footballer. 1998. 2006. Where else?

As for Christiano Ronaldo, what an awful person.

01 July 2006


I am puzzled. Why wasn't Messi fielded? Were two defenders or defensive midfielders fielded earlier? A strategic blunder?

It's astounding. There were two copies of Front Line Assembly's 'Artificial Soldier' at HMV at forty bucks each. They are gone! Someone bought them.

I'm patient. I will get mine eventually.

From an article in Soccernet:

With Ukraine eliminated, Shevchenko - who won many hearts during his time in Milan - had no doubts about who he would be supporting to win the World Cup.

'I'm rooting for Italy now,' he said.

This man is a gentleman. He doesn't harbour any bitterness or ill-will after a defeat. Look at Argentina after the match last night. Football is everything to Argentina.
Argentina 1 Germany 1

Unbelievable! The Germans did look out of their depth when matched with superior Argentinian technical skills. The Argentinian domination on the midfield did not translate to victory and the tactical decision made to bring in certain substitutes may have been a strategic blunder ultimately. In any case, the unrelenting German perseverance eventually paid dividends. German self-belief was strong in the face of continual Argentinian assault.

Lehmann had not exactly been a rock at the heart of the Arsenal defence at times but he had been a good stopper and this World Cup demonstrated his ability all too well.

Klinnsman had taken a German team which was not expected to progress far to unimagined heights. And he made them play very attractive football.

Now, they will meet the wily Italians and I think it will be a mouthwatering prospect.

Go Italy!