24 October 2010

The Ruins of the Manor

Pigment ink sketch. Copic markers, watercolours. 150mm x 210mm.

Wheelock Place

Pigment ink sketch, Copic markers, watercolours. 150mm x 210mm. The pencil and inkwork were drawn one late Friday night about a fortnight ago.

Marina Bay waterfront 1

Pigment ink sketch, watercolours, Copic markers. 150mm x 210mm. Initial pencil sketch  2006. Inks and watercolours 2010. Digitally modified.


Pigment ink sketch of a landsknecht. Copic markers, watercolours. 150mm x 210mm. Four years after I sketched my first landsknecht, I drew a series of them.

12 October 2010

The people who think our society is not free...

"I think that people who think our society is not free are the 'glass is 85.7% full' is not as important as 'it is 14.3% empty' kind of people."

A. M. Chew

06 October 2010

Ninety-Nine Castles

A new blog. Ninety-nine castles. This blog is conceived as a thought experiment, a creative thought experiment where ninety-nine castles of different forms would be rendered. Ninety-nine different ones. Ninety-nine castles in the air, ninety-nine castles of the mind. If you have an interest in collaborating, do let me know.

A hideous, white swine-face

"Slowly, the dust subsided, until, presently, I was able to approach the edge, and look down.

For a while, I peered impotently, trying to see through the reek. Atfirst, it was impossible to make out anything. Then, as I stared, I saw something below, to my left, that moved. I looked intently toward it,and, presently, made out another, and then another--three dim shapes that appeared to be climbing up the side of the Pit. I could see themonly indistinctly. Even as I stared and wondered, I heard a rattle of stones, somewhere to my right. I glanced across; but could see nothing.I leant forward, and peered over, and down into the Pit, just beneath where I stood; and saw no further than a hideous, white swine-face, thathad risen to within a couple of yards of my feet. Below it, I could make out several others. As the Thing saw me, it gave a sudden, uncouthsqueal, which was answered from all parts of the Pit. At that, a gust of horror and fear took me, and, bending down, I discharged my gun right into its face. Straightway, the creature disappeared, with a clatter of loose earth and stones."

From 'The House on the Borderland' by William Hope Hodgson.

03 October 2010

The various stages of a drawing

Figure sketching. I had opted for A3 watercolour paper. Firstly the pencil sketch was made after an assessment was made of the proportions of the model. The figure was then sited within. The pencil used was a Chunghwa. One did not need expensive pencils for this.

Upon the completion of the pencil work, ink was applied, firming the lines and adjusting others. The heavier lines were emphasised. A 0.4 pigment pen was used in this instance. The direction of the lighting was also considered.

Finally, watercolour is applied with the skin tones being assessed and painted first. This was followed by the overcoat, the inner shirt, the shadows and finally the jeans. A final touch with ink had proven unnecessary.

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Figure Sketching at 6A Lim Tua Tow

The V Studio at Lim Tua Tow.

The stage with a strong source from one direction.

Huey was utilising a notebook. Shyam was using his ipad.

I drew an A3 piece. Pencils, pigment ink and watercolours. This was completed in 2.0 hours, leaving 0.5 hours to spare. The model was extremely good. He did not move. His eyeballs did not dart around. Fixed.

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OIC Portrait Day: 2nd October 2010

I managed to sketch two of them in twenty minutes.

I didn't manage to get the third person with the beard. He would have been the most interesting of the three to render. Pity.

Shyam and I had to leave then. 6:15 pm. We had a figure drawing session at Lim Tua Tow.

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OIC Portrait Day: 2nd October 2010

Three persons. Twenty minutes. I did manage to draw all three.

The guy had his back to me. I drew him last.


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OIC Portrait Day: 2nd October 2010

The first couple soon arrived and posed.

Surprisingly, they did buy my blood-red rendition of the gentleman.

From my observation, the pieces in their various styles drawn this month were of a high standard, much better than the previous few that I had been to. I really liked a lot of the work. A lot of the artists and illustrators were using paints and markers this time. Acrylic, watercolours, markers.

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OIC White Frames and Portrait Day: 2nd October 2010

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OIC Portrait Day: 2nd October 2010

For once, I had arrived at the OIC Portrait Day at the Red Dot Museum early.

JF was not involved today as he was busy with the 24-Hour Comics day. He would be writing, scripting and drawing a comic book in the space of twenty-four hours at another venue.

Earlier, there was an urban sketching event in the morning but I was at work. Saturday mornings are impossible for me. However, there was still the Portrait Day and figure sketching. Seven hours of drawing! Whee!

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