28 May 2009

Barcelona 2 Manchester United 0

WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! Splendid! The celebrations can start! Yay! Manure crushed! Yes Yes! The look on the Portuguese whiner's face, priceless! A precious win! Yeah!

23 May 2009


I may give Adsense a try. The traffic on this blog isn't high but if I can get some money off this, why not? We'll see.

Music and more music!

VNV Nation is finally coming out with a new album this year. I hope VNV Nation cut the hysterics. No more sappy emo lyrics and singing please. Clan of Xymox has released a new single, 'Emily', from their forthcoming album. 

Many of the bands that I listen to are taking about three years to release albums. For Depeche Mode, I guess I don't really care much anymore. Three years, four years, ten years, a century, well, their electro-blues-cum-techno-gospel direction isn't what I really care for despite a return to analogue synthesizers. Oh yes, Gahan's over-singing. Ack.

When is Covenant releasing a new album?

Notes on the drawings of tanks

These drawings of tanks were done between 2003 and 2005. I had photo references when I drew them. They were freehand drawings, done without rulers and tracing. I had tried to stick to the proper proportions as much as I was able to, I wanted to enjoy myself drawing and completing them in a reasonable amount of time. The key was enjoyment. A drawing with more rigour and realism would have required at least three times the amount of time and a different scale probably. Whether I have that level of skill to accomplish that is also questionable. I would not have enjoyed doing them. 

Anyway, I had great fun drawing these. I will be drawing new ones soon.

21 May 2009

Three years

It has been three years since the last Front Line Assembly album. When is the next one coming out? 

18 May 2009

Gateway to a verdant paradise

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Arrested development

Shyue Chou says (11:39 AM):
 His means of reasoning is fascinating.
 I have read a lot of fundamentalists before.
 But his...

Shyue Chou says (11:40 AM):
 is just..

G says (11:40 AM):

Shyue Chou says (11:40 AM):
 I don't know exactly how one describes it.
 Infantile doesn't do it justice.

G says (11:40 AM):

Shyue Chou says (11:40 AM):
Okay, that's just bizarre.

Shyue Chou says (11:41 AM):
 Like Bucky.

G says (11:41 AM):
 it fits 100%

Shyue Chou says (11:41 AM):
 I guess bizarre is apt.

G says (11:41 AM):
 is not bizzare
 there is a trend to it
 and Bucky Katt fits it aptly

Shyue Chou says (11:41 AM):

Shyue Chou says (11:42 AM):
 A mix of malice, anger and madness.

G says (11:43 AM):
 bucky has a mix of those

G says (11:43 AM):
 he wants to eat some monkeys, he is angry when rob or sachel mocks him, he is almost always mad

An observation about the said individual is that his friends do not enlighten him for fear of angering him. They will not contradict him either. This current incident does bring out interesting bits about people.


I thought people will mellow and mature with people. Experience should bring some form of wisdom. Well, apparently not. After knowing him for about fifteen years or so, I think his immaturity is more pronounced than ever.