26 November 2009

The long afternoon of Singapore

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Dinner at Fiesta Basilia

I met an old friend, Eugene, for dinner at Fiesta Basilia at United Square last night. The food was the usual Brazilian style meats that had become popular with the advent of that place at Sixth Avenue and Carnivore at Vivocity.

I would suppose if you were a carnivore, this place would be ideal for you.

As usual, we talked about the pop music of the eighties which was Eugene's passion.


I have been playing quite a bit of 'Torchlight' for the last few weeks. It is amazingly addictive. It's exactly like the old Diablo I and II and Rage of Mages I and II.
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25 November 2009


I heard that Selex was bought by Canon. When did that take place? I don't know. Hmm..

Here are the surviving photocopier brands that are left:

Hewlett Packard
Konica Minolta
Kyocera Mita, including its Copystar brand
Océ. including its Océ Imagistics brand
Oki Electric Industry, OKI Printing Solutions brand
Xerox / Fuji Xerox

Kallang Leisurepark

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23 November 2009

Honesty, service and sales

One night, I was at a store which I would not be naming.* I would call it Store X. I asked Mr X, the storekeeper if they had product X available. He thought a little and he told me that Store X would definitely be bringing it in. Then, Mr X realised that he was caught in a lie as he was not really bringing it in and I would certainly be coming back. He switched his tune. All of a sudden, he told me that he would have to make a special order. In any case, I did not care for the way he took me for a fool. His shifty eyes, his mannerisms and his body language told me a bit. If people doing sales had some integrity, it would be really nice. As it was, I was turned off by his replies. I thanked him and told him that I would be ordering product X from aboard.

*If you want to know which store, you can ask me, I will tell you in private.

National Stadium III

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22 November 2009

Ostia, Atlantic Star and Traumfabrik

We had a good session today. June Hwang, Terence, James, Chew Ming and I played 'Traumfabrik', 'Atlantic Star' and 'Ostia'. June Hwang won in 'Ostia', a very clever game of auctioning and resource allocation, June Hwang managed the most points in 'Atlantic Star' and finally, Chew Ming managed his contracts well and scored the most points for 'Traumfabrik'.
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Ordering German games

If anyone would like to combine for an order of German games from aboard, I would be interested. It's simply too expensive to get it locally. There is one or two sources at home. Not much real competition, hence the exorbitant prices.

German games session

German games session this afternoon. Since we are going to have five players, 'Goa', 'Verrater' and other four player games are out. Heh.

I should compile a listing of possible games for different number of players in future. An inventory of German games.

21 November 2009

Expensive games

If games in Singapore weren't so expensive, I would be a regular purchaser. As it is, I hardly buy boardgames and card games these days. I am thinking of making an order from a German company some day.

I am also thinking of a trip to Essen next year.

National Stadium II

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