18 July 2014

From the looks of it, there are about four more tank models that are worth getting in the next half year. For the others, I will give them a miss. I don't want or need them.

15 July 2014

How very interesting.

It turns out I did not have to stay. I am in no mood to run.

It does look as if I will be in the office later than usual. Heh.

Tangerine Dream Live in Zürich 2012: »Stratosfear 2005« (13/16)

There isn't enough time today to do some things that has to be done. Heh. It will be done tomorrow then.
I have some ideas that I want to put on paper. I also want to paint. Oh well. I will see what happens later.

John Foxx & The Maths - Running Man (2011)

John Foxx - No One Driving

John foxx & Louis Gordon - Camera (album track) -audio only-

I was listening to this while I was driving home after sending Sweetie home one night.

John Foxx Underpass - Dark Long & Sinister mix by Mark Reeder

Interesting remix. I don't recall hearing this one previously. Hmm..
Quite a bit accomplished today. I will need to schedule for the engineer, fire safety contractors, lift servicing folks to come on Friday. Busy busy.

I need to re-type a few documents too.

Real Life - Send Me An Angel '89

I have much to do today. I need focus. Yesterday was not productive though I did get some things done.

World Cup Final - Argentina vs Germany

Argentina 0 Germany 1

I am glad Germany won the World Cup, it was well deserved. Germany has always been my second choice team after Italy. I am elated. They were a team with flair, with flowing attacking football. Sadly, the match was at an odd hour, I did not watch it. I did watch the wondrous goal that gave the Germans the victory. What a goal.

Messi's potential was spotted when he was seventeen, and every pundit had said that he was destined for greatness. He achieved that at club level, and is now often acclaimed as the best player in the world. Playing at the World Cup is another matter altogether, it is not that it is harder or easier, just different. Messi could not do enough to guarantee victory, he was not a Maradona, he was just himself, a different player.

Brazil 0 Netherlands 3

The arrogance of Brazil certainly know no bounds. As it is with arrogance and hubris, the fall is often a great one. In any case, the third place match is absolutely unnecessary.

Neymar Jr, like Messi, was one whose shoulders bore the weight of his nation, he did whatever he could, like Messi, but it was not enough.

12 July 2014

Germany! Germany! I will be cheering for Germany, come Sunday! I hope Germany beats Argentina.

10 July 2014

Novena Square

In 2000, Novena was a sleepy junction with United Square, formerly Goldhill Square and a few other office buildings nearby. Today? It is a medical hub as well as being a concentration of three small malls.

09 July 2014

Germany 7 Brazil 1

Germany! Germany! I can barely believe my eyes! What has just happened? I'm happy, my most hated team in the World Cup is out and in the most dramatic fashion! Yay!

Yes, I have a sort spot for Germany because all the journalists in the local media and also the British media are anti-Germany and pro-Brazil. The Germans have played a good, skilful game (since the beginning according to accounts) without committing the most fouls or being dirty.

I would not be sorry if Germany goes and lift the World Cup now. I do like the Netherlands but Robben, despite his wonderful skills, does leave a sour taste because of his diving.

This has been a most wonderful footballing year. Manure and Brazil are now in the dustbin.