31 July 2015


Waiting and waiting. Contractors. Engineer.
Things are not particularly smooth. I am a bit frustrated. Hopefully, my contractors can come up with the solution fast.

27 July 2015

A sweet dream

I dreamt of Sweetie, holding onto her hand tightly as we raced out happily from a building. Then, I woke up, smiling away, from ear to ear.

Snoozing away

I woke up in the middle of the night to find Mimi, my little affectionate cat, curled up at my feet, snoozing away. Heheheh.

13 July 2015

New music

New music that I am looking forward to listening:

Fotonovela - A ton of love
Beborn Beton - A worthy compensation
Ashbury Heights - The looking glass society
Motor - Man Made Machine

Beborn Beton finally returns with a new album. Let's hope it is as good as 'Nightfall.

Ashbury Heights is back, at first, it would appear that the band would disappear.

I first of Motor's Man Made Machine about four years or so ago. I never did find it or hear about it since. Today, I found it on Amazon. And I heard a snippet, it sounded dark and evil, perfect...

Fotonovela is electronic and melodic, just the way I like it.

08 July 2015

A Comme Amour by Richard Clayderman

I remember this very well. I remember hearing it a lot when I was browsing in Times bookstore at the basement when I was 15 at Specialist Centre where the current Orchard Gateway is.

I really like this tune.