26 January 2014

Sunday night

Sunday night angst is akin to an existential angst rather than anxiety for Sunday night is the demarcation between a weekend of potential and possibility, fulfilled or otherwise. Sunday nights for numerous school-going folks and working people represent a form of tension, a realisation that the impending school or work day is beyond the night.

Travelling on the train on Sunday night, one could observe the glum and solemn faces, gone are the joyous smiles that marked commuters on a Friday night.


The trains are crowded tonight.

23 January 2014

Four aircraft carriers

A recent report on DefenseTech about China building four aircraft carriers states:

"Chinese leaders plan on building four aircraft carriers for its navy, a Chinese official said in comments that have since been removed from a Chinese media site.
Liaoning party chief Wang Min said the Chinese navy had started work on the country’s second aircraft carrier and had plans for four, according to the South China Morning Post."
My thoughts are that the Chinese would need to develop a set of naval doctrines with regards to operating aircraft carriers first. A set of operating doctrines would need to be developed through operating the Liaoning and the second carrier when it is finished.

Secondly, the Chinese has not got the experience in building nor designing aircraft carriers. Is this going to be a copy of the unproven Russian carrier? And building four of them? Four more Liaoning carriers? I would venture that this would be a plan that would be three decades in the making. There would likely be changes in the interim.

Creating the necessary naval aviation and all the support structures will take time. The AWACS, the anti-sub assets, and more would need to be designed and built too.

Similarly, there will be a need in creating a carrier group for carriers do not operate in isolation. There would be all the attendant vessels that need to be built and crewed.

This is a vast undertaking. It would be decades before China has four carriers operational at the same time. By then, the Liaoning would be retired in all probability.

Would the Chinese economy still be able to support the building of such carriers then? Would there be the political will to build them then?

22 January 2014

A strange January

Is this one of the coldest January in memory? It is a strange January, with overcast skies and strong winds but little rain. The temperature usually drops when there is heavy rain. This seems unusual.

Yet, there are very hot sunny days too.

21 January 2014


I want to go browsing!

At the same time, I want to read the current issue of Air International.

20 January 2014

24 degrees

My mobile's app, Accuweather claimed it was 24 degrees last night. It was exceptionally windy throughout most of yesterday.

19 January 2014

Fabulous weekend

The fabulous weekend is too short!

Art Stage 2014

I spent a wonderful day with Sweetie at Art Stage 2014! Whee! And this was followed by a relaxed dinner with malt milkshakes at Billy Bombers and a walk at Fullerton One.

14 January 2014

Front 242 - Special forces


I am intrigued by the nature of exoplanets, a lot of which are vastly different from that of the planets in our solar system. A number of my astronomy books that I have at home had obviously not have a section on recent discoveries, exoplanets being absent and all.

I would be seeking for a more recent illustrated volume that has more information on exoplanets. For now, I would rely on online sources and magazines.

13 January 2014

New Logitech keyboard and mouse.

I bought an inexpensive Logitech K120 keyboard and mouse at at Fuwell at Sim Lim Square when I was with Sweetie on Saturday. (image from Amazon)

I have often through the years used my keyboards to the extent that the printing on the keys are faded. I had cleaned my keyboards and mice often and had sprayed anti-bacterial spray on them. The grime covering them was not easily removable. As it was, it was time to change to a new one. As I thought back, I should have replaced my mice and keyboards on a more regular basis.

They need not be expensive models, basic ones would do. This basic K120 keyboard has a lively spring about the keys.

09 January 2014

John Foxx No-One Driving


I saw a pair of hornbills yesterday. They were just a few metres away on a tree. They were beautiful, having black and white feathers.

The day before, I had seen a greater racket-tailed drongo.

An afternoon at Pasir Ris



Sweetie and I walked to Pasir Ris one glorious afternoon. It was a windy afternoon with blue skies and moving clouds. We had Pringles chips and Twisties with Ribena on the way.
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08 January 2014

I wonder what Sweetie is doing. Hmm..

Delerium - Morphology


I must sleep before 1 am. These late nights are taking a toll.

The problem with fiction

"The problem with fiction - or its charm - is that even mediocre plots have a way of sinking their hooks into you, until you find yourself concerned for the fates of characters who aren't even fully convincing."

Charles McGarth

04 January 2014

A drive down the MCE and ECP



Sweetie and I were then at the MCE and ECP. The night drive was an end to a wonderful weekend.

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03 January 2014

Marina Bay Barrage


Sweetie and I were at the Marina Barrage after a memorable dinner.

A magnificent evening

I had a romantic dinner with Sweetie at a nice place, celebrating her birthday. The food was exquisite and delicious and we enjoyed ourselves. It was a memorable evening, a night of laughter and good  food. It rained heavily outside and the romantic mood was unforgettable.

02 January 2014

More photos from the Marina Bay Countdown 2014


After a night of wondrous fireworks, Sweetie and I went to a Vietnamese café for carrot cake.
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01 January 2014

Marina Bay Countdown 2014


Sweetie and I wandered through the promontory and Marina Bay Sands, enjoying the fireworks.
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Marina Bay Countdown 2014


Marina Bay was teeming with peope. There were masses of people everywhere, from the Marina Bay Financial Centre to Marina Bay Sands. It was madness but in a good way. Everyone was there to enjoy the night and have fun!

It was an unforgettable night with Sweetie.
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Countdown 2014 at Marina Bay


A joyous start to the year. I was at the countdown at Marina Bay. Sweetie had dragged me from my usual hidden castle of introspection to one of lights and magic. I am glad.
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