23 March 2016

Try to forget (Radio Forg Edit) - De/Vision

Time to go travel. New perspectives. New mind.

In about two months' time, I shall venture.
I guess I waited for a year, forlornly.
I remember buying mochi at Bugis+. It brings back a smile.
Some paths are meant to be walked alone, in life, sometimes, one cannot expect the support of the closest and the dearest. It is a lonely path to be traversed. The realisation after much experience is sobering but not unexpected.

22 March 2016

Leningrad cowboys - Those were the days

Leningrad Cowboys - Those Were The Days (TV - Sweden - 1995)

I have always liked this old Mary Hopkins song. It was based on an old traditional Russian folk song. Here, the Finnish group, the Leningrad Cowboys, perform their version of it.

I had used to sing it when I was a child.

"Remember how we laughed away the hours
And dreamed of all the great things we could do"

"Then the busy years went rushing by us
We lost our starry notions on the way"

I had once thought of writing a children's book with her.

12 March 2016

I need sleep!
I need to finish a few things at work today. Then, I will go home and sleep for a bit before venturing out to draw.

I am not sure if I want to play boardgames today. The distance to the venue is daunting. And I can't take the train there. It will have to be a bus or taxi. Tampines is more accessible than West Coast Road.

Orkestra Obsolete play Blue Monday using 1930s instruments - BBC Arts


09 March 2016

Not very productive today. Ugh.
It was evident from the beginning. I should have taken that trip that I had wanted for a few years now. My idealism had softened me and blinded me.

Front Line Assembly - Millennium [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

I remember that we had planned to watch the stars at the Science Centre, go for rides at the Universal Studios, and go for picnics with a basket of wine and cheese. Somehow, in the hustle and bustle of things, the days had passed and we had not ever made time for them. Like the impermanence of falling raindrops, these little plans were swiftly swept away.

08 March 2016

The Frozen Autumn - This Time


The Frozen Autumn - There's No Time To Recall

Faith & Disease - Louise

A cover of Clan of Xymox's classic by Faith and Disease.

faith and the muse - scars flown proud (live).VOB

Faith And The Muse - Shattered In Aspect [Live]by luikidark.avi

A quiet day.
I shall plan what I will do this weekend as well besides planning work.

07 March 2016

Monday. Ugh.
A fair bit was accomplished today! Hurrah!
There is an interesting article on Spize in the papers today. Apparently, the Spize at River Valley Road had predated that of Simpang Bedok.

And I only discovered that there is a Spize in River Valley Road about a year or so ago.
I had dreamt of walking in the lobby of a grand hotel with its caf├ęs and restaurants at dawn. The golden brass fittings, the high ceilings and vast windows continue to linger in my mind.
I need to plan the week ahead.
I wish the weekend were longer. After work, I was at the library at Bukit Panjang and then I was at Wheelock Place and Ngee Ann City.

And that was it, Saturday was gone.