27 July 2017

That concludes my Diablo 3 journey.
I was trying Season 11 in Diablo 3 with Wilson, Wilfrid and Shawn. I had thought that I might be able to get the stash tab in the Season objectives.

I have been looking carefully at one of the easier conquests to do to get the stash tab.It's pretty stressful. It's not as easy as I thought, it has to be a rolling, continuous grind for gold, with the gold counter flashing.

Looking at the list of conquests and how it is within the realm of possibility with my skill level, I am concluding that I don't have the skill to pull it off after all.

I also calculated the time needed. I will probably cut my losses and run.


Avarice/Avaritia – Complete a 50,000,000 gold streak while outside of The Vault and The Inner Sanctum.

Speed Demon/Need For Speed – Complete a Nephalem Rift at max level on Torment X within 2 minutes.

Boss Mode/Worlds Apart – Kill the following bosses at max level on Torment X within 20 minutes of the start of the game.

Divinity/Lionhearted – Reach Greater Rift Level 75 Solo.

Masters of the Universe/Masters of Sets – Master 8 of the following Set Dungeons.

21 July 2017

Last night, I dreamed of six kittens that had invaded my home. They were friendly and they purred and they slept afterwards. Then, I woke up. Hahah.

17 July 2017

I have enjoyed playing the Necromancer in Diablo 3 tremendously. I have basically hit a plateau, a peak if you may. I had played alone and accumulated all the powers and items needed. I had thought it out before the release of the Necromancer and worked towards my plan accordingly. Now that the plan had reached fruition and my objectives met, it is time to move to another game

My four builds are at:

Inarius set build - GR65
Rathma set build - GR60
Pestilence set build - GR60
Trag'Oul set build - GR55

I can push the Inarius set build to GR66 or GR67 probably but that is basically the limit for me. I have tried the Trag'Oul set build in a bloodstorm configuration, however, that would require a player of a greater skill to utilise it effectively like Wilfrid or Wilson.

I have realised that Diablo 3 is basically a game about the application of burst peak damage at the 'elites' and 'bosses' at the right moment while avoiding 'trash mobs', and much of it depends on cooldown reduction. That sums up the endgame. That requires good timing, careful choice of engagement, manual dexterity in missile and meleƩ avoidance.

To push any further, I would probably need to accumulate ancient items (of which more than half my items are) and augment them. That would be expensive in game resources and time-consuming.

To date, I have all the classes levelled to level 70, Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Wizard, Demon Hunter, Crusader, Monk, Necromancer. I have all the sets of all the classes and have viable builds for all the classes. GR50-GR70. I have extracted every single power from all the classes in the game.

I will complete the campaign game for a second time because I had more or less forgotten the story aspect of the game, it is like a new game to me and that should take twos hours or so, then I move on. Whee!

Hopefully, there will be a new expansion for Diablo 3 but probably not.

11 July 2017

I was telling Wilfrid earlier that I had managed to optimise my other two builds further and pushed them further.

Trag'Oul set build - GR55
Pestilence set build - GR60

I think I have pushed them as far as I can at this point, maybe there is a bit more potential to be squeezed out of them, I will see. They are viable builds though the Inarius set build edges them out a bit. As it stands, I have the other two at:

Inarius set build - GR65
Rathma set build - GR60

I will see if I can push my Rathma further, as it stands, the Rathma set build has weapons with poor damage, likewise, the Inarius set build can be improved with ancient legendary or weapons with better damage. I am simply not dealing enough damage.

Yes, I know all the top players are using the Inarius set, reaching over GR100 and there are some using Rathma set which has hit GR95 at least.

07 July 2017

I tried acquiring items last night for the Necromancer and I was unsuccessful. I need a new strategy, an approach. I shall have to think.

I will have to think on how I can increase my weapon damage for the Necromancer.

06 July 2017

Pushing to GR65-70 will require that my necromancer deal 12-40 billion damage per hit consistently. Right now, the peak damage is about 6 billion per hit, it is simply not good enough.
Now that I have reached a plateau of sorts for my Necromancer, I will seek to acquire all the items associated with the Necromancer and extract their powers, yes, every single item.
I made Greater Rift level 64 with my necromancer last night. It was with the Inarius set build. I think I have hit a limit as I tried GR65 twice and failed abysmally last night. I need a better weapon, presumably an ancient weapon and more damage for my necromancer if I want to progress further.

No more easy progress, now comes the hard work.

I also made progress with my Rathma set build. I hit GR55. The Rathma set build was unable to do GR60. The Pestilence set build is limited to GR50.

Inarius set build - GR64
Rathma set build - GR55
Pestilence set build - GR50
Tang'Oul set build - GR45

05 July 2017

I made Greater Rift level 60 with my Necromancer last night with the Inarius set build. I had more or less optimised my Necromancer with the right items and powers.

It is probable that I can push for another 2-5 levels. I will see tonight.

Meanwhile, I had optimised my Rathma set build further and pushed it to GR55.

I had prepared and planned for the Necromancer for a while now based on what little I know, that of it being a class based on the intelligence attribute. This had allowed me to progress swiftly to acquire four full sets in a matter of days. It has also allowed me to progress swiftly to GR40.

As for allegations that the class is overpowered, it isn't. It is easy to build, easy to play, easy to progress in the intermediate GR levels, however, it might not be easy to achieve the higher GR levels. In the rankings, the best Necromancers are hitting GR104 which is a bit short of the Wizard's GR106 or the Witch Doctor's 107 for 2017.

04 July 2017

Greater Rift level 55 with the Inarius set build last night. The previous night, I had used the Rathma set build to hit GR50.

The top 100 Necromancer players are using the Inarius build too. Is it overpowered? I don't think so. Why? The best necromancers only hit GR95 while wizards are at GR106 and other classes can exceed GR100.
I dreamed of her again.

03 July 2017

Greater Rift level 50 now!

I have all four sets of the Necromancer and have four builds built around them! Yay!