29 May 2017

Objectives for Diablo 3

I have many objectives for Diablo 3. As I achieved them, I make new ones. The original objectives were to get all the sets items for all the classes and reaching GR40. I made the initial objectives.

I revised my objectives over time.

The last set of objectives were:

1. GR70 (for primals)
2. Paragon 800
3. Put all the powers in the cube

I have achieved 1 and 2.

For point 3, I have all the powers for wizard, crusader, barbarian and demon hunter in the Kanai Cube now.

I have only witch doctor and monk left. For the former, 6 items, for the latter, 2 items.

25 May 2017

Diablo 3 goals

Diablo 3 today is a different game from that which was released about four or five years ago. I gave myself a few goals, and revised them along the way.

I achieved two of the major ones this week and last week. I made Paragon level 800 last night and Greater Rift level 70 last week.


Now, the final goal would be to put every single power into Kanai's Cube. This would depend on a lot of luck.

I have a minor one of getting higher levels for my legendary gems.

06 May 2017

I shall go to an exhibition at NAFA in the late afternoon.
Yesterday, I went to a place where I was once very happy. I walked around, remembered the old times. How the place had changed. The cafés, the shops, and more. It was the same but it was not the same.

After two hours, I left. I decided against drawing at a café there. There is too much sadness there for me to want to linger.