26 November 2015

Norm Augustine's Law Number XXII:

"If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice."
I thought drinking a mocha frappe would awaken me. Instead, I am more lethargic than ever. The horrible feeling of fullness. Lesson learned? Maybe.

Spam accounts

There are some dummy accounts emanating from a few countries in Indo-China. These accounts are used to post porn and porn links in some of the history Facebook groups that I moderate. I have extinguished the group membership of those accounts assiduously over the past year.

This is odd.

23 November 2015

The weekend flew by just like that. I did not draw nor read much. I wonder where the weekend went.

17 November 2015

Space Harrier

I was decent at Space Harrier. In the 80s, I was generally poor at arcade games, usually only lasting three levels but I could go for a distance in Space Harrier. Everytime I had played it then, I would have a small audience behind me. I think part of it was my ability to think spatially and that had assisted in the game a fair bit. This game had brought me great joy then and I had almost forgotten of its existence. Having said that, I have probably only played it less than ten times. It was around during the games ban period in Singapore, it was not available. I was in the US then and this game was not available there.
I miss Sweetie.

12 November 2015

I ran 5.2 km yesterday. I had to hop over a monitor lizard that was blocking the narrow path.

I ran 5.2 km the day before yesterday as well. I will run 5.2 km today if the weather permits.