19 April 2016

Talented? No, not me. I have seen others who are much more but have not taken this path. That rules the genetic aspect out for me. Environmental factors? Again, not encouraging, not supported and always doubted, then again, that is the same for a great many people. However, what I do have is more free time. Much of it is in my hands. How much and what I can do.

I have worked hard.

Marsheaux - Leave In Silence

Some people are incredibly nice. I enjoy talking to them.
Oh well. Life is like that.
When they are wrong and it is clear and evident, they will still insist on being right. Such is the way of the elderly. It is not a wonder why many do not deserve the respect that they think should be accorded to them for they are just as capable of the same follies as people of any age. Not merely in an Asian society is this state of affairs prevalent, it is present everywhere.

09 April 2016

The Treasures of the World exhibition was a lot more interesting than that modern art exhibition at the National Gallery.

03 April 2016