22 October 2011

Some idiot from Prudential called

Some idiot from Prudential called. I told her coldly twice, 'Tell them to remove my name from your list'. She was so intimidated that she hung up at once. Heheheh.

14 October 2011

Enough of Mactards! It's Friday! Ice-cream at Udders this evening! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

13 October 2011

Mactards cry

Rabid Mactards. Their reactions and mourning continue loudly and vehemently.

It would appear that it would take a month or so before it dies down.

07 October 2011

Of the death of a successful business leader

I think one shouldn't be overly or even concerned. It's another successful business leader, a more ruthless and dictatorial one than most that uniquely cultivated a grassroots level cult of personality.


A friend was talking about how seniority had and would occupy positions in certain hierarchies. If he were to join certain organisations, he would, of course, despite his body of work and ability, be forced into some form of an apprentice position or junior position. It must be noted that the senior person would have 'earned' that position by virtue of the amount of time put in. Seniority is the norm in many fields and also in informal ones, for instance, group dynamics. Recently, I had observed a case of a rather senior person giving advice when he really didn't know much and was also giving rather vague and general directions in other instances. He was giving advice because of his seniority. Heh. I had wondered how he would receive advice if given to him.

Of course, I tested. It only confirmed the worst.

Blind followers

Who likes to be told that they were blind followers in a consumerist cult of personality? There will be some re-adjustment of their psyche as they seek to explain and rationalise to themselves that it is the others that are the fanatics, not them and that this isn't about a cult of personality when it clearly is. They will be too blinded to see.

Kinda of sad but you can't expect otherwise from most people anyway.

The end of the cult of personality in the commercial world

Cult of personalities do not merely occur in that of the North Korean state, it also occurs in the commercial world. When the Dear Leader passed on, his sheep were anguished, lost and angry.

The outpouring of emotions this week only showed as much.

06 October 2011

Quoting a friend: 'iCancer! iFail!iDied!iGo!'

iDiots and their iCon

The reactions of the iDiots over the iCon who did an iDie is getting really really amusing.

The death of the iCON

What he got right was the share price. What he got massively wrong was a legion of rabid, diehard, unthinking worshippers. (You could say that that is right from a market standpoint but from a human perspective, it pains me to see so much sheep in the world.)

Losing your god

When religious fanatics lose their beloved god, well, you see widespread grief. It is very interesting to observe their reactions.
Woooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

05 October 2011

WOO! Quite a bit done last night. Perhaps, I could do more without a headache. Two days of headaches. Well, I would need to go for a run.

03 October 2011

A month of starships

Last month, I did about 76 A4-sized sketches of starships, freighters, research vessels, mining vessels, orbital bombardment vessels, destroyers, space stations and more. I also drew 16 vehicles and a few buildings and much much more. It was great fun.