29 March 2017

I spotted a Dumeril's monitor lizard climbing a tree yesterday. It has distinct crossbars on its back. I took a few photos and saw the crossbars later.

I have also spotted the clouded monitor lizard previously. I have seen the Malayan water monitor lizard most often.

14 March 2017

13 March 2017

09 March 2017

I would have bought American if Dell hadn't made it inconvenient for small corporate buyers online. I ended up with Acer PCs recently from Courts at Ang Mo Kio because it was available. The few Dell machines at the store weren't the ones I wanted. Ditto for HP. I dislike Acers but these are low end office machines that I needed, any brand would do. They are indistinguishable.
The old Windows Vista Core 2 Duo machine, an old Dell Vostro 200, has finally died after all these years. I had put good RAM into the machine and extended its life. I had also put a new HDD in recently. It had rendered good service for many years, a decade of hard use. I guess that was it. Now, I will strip the few usable parts of that thing.

03 March 2017

Woo hoo! Diablo III, Paragon level 626 now. My aim is level 800 eventually. It is getting punishing. 1.8 to 2 billion xp every 12-13 minutes. Hmmm.. It will take about half an hour to 40 minutes per paragon level at this point.
Friday! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

27 February 2017

Apparently, buying ice-cream to bribe people works. Funny how people would rather go with an unprincipled, power-hungry person with tyrannical tendencies.
There will always be people who will sell out, follow the herd. Extremely disappointing, I have left with great disgust. They will use reasons like unity against a common enemy and more. Aligning oneself with disagreeable creatures is really not the way to go.

16 February 2017

I realise that I have not watched a movie in the cinema or on DVD for over a year now. Has it been that long?

Time flies.

13 February 2017

I haven't been having dinner for the last two Fridays and one Saturday. Finally, I did have dinner on Saturday evening, a vegetarian pizza at the Living Café. It was delicious.
Revising the prices of a brochure on sepak takraw balls and net. Prices have gone up across the board.
A little bird had flown into my room a few days ago. It was distressed at being trapped. I managed to open a window and shoo it out

19 January 2017

Art Stage is just over. I remember going a few years ago.
The mystery of the rooster is solved. Apparently, a local tycoon had instructed his folks to bring them around the neighbourhood. It is likely to cater to his superstitions of a new Chinese year.
I think I will go visit the Jurong Bird Park soon. It has been about four decades since I was last there. I guess in a sense it will be a bittersweet visit for another reason. Oh well. Such is life.

09 January 2017

News in Chinese on the radio

I have the opportunity to listen to news in Chinese on the radio rather frequently these days. The focus on news items from mainland China is there and it can be startling as listening to this news broadcast, one would never have known if there is anything else happening throughout the world. It is as if Singapore is an outpost of China. I wonder if the local stations hire folks from the People's Daily or something to do the news programming.

Now, I do wonder about news in Hokkien over the airwaves. I heard a bit of it twice over the years.

04 January 2017