29 February 2012

Of Hellboy's predictable behaviour

Hellboy seems to be making the occasional foray to Facebook to chat with his anti-PAP and anti-government crony. Beyond that, he makes the occasional remark when the product of his god appears in any post in Facebook.


I am very distracted.


Wonderful! Emoboy! I am very happy for him! He is a superhero now!

Of situations

It is in situations when you see your real friends, the ones who would stand for justice and the truth with you.

Of the various activities of coconuts

Emoboy has embarked on an enigmatic sojourn to the far reaches of his mind while Clownboy has joined us drawing and painting. Suddenly, there are claims of a  group when it was always an ad-hoc thing among friends. Trollking has been struck down by bouts of coughing and Captain Freedom drawing panzers.

Little Coconut has been busy with her school, delivering deliverables after deliverables (this seems to be a common word in the light of today's academia and IT industry).
It's time to go running this evening! Whee!

Of elevation and finish

The ability to free one's mind, to soar, to expand, to elevate is exhilarating!

Now, there is the need for a higher level of finish.

27 February 2012

Singapore Airshow 2012

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Singapore Airshow 2012

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Singapore Airshow 2012

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Siglap: Suburban Hell 2

Bland, gloomy and depressive.

Endless streets, all looking the same.

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Siglap: Suburban Hell

Suburban sprawl at its worst.

Siglap, suburban hell.

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I shall observe. I will let it go.

No comment on that short rotund hobbit from hell. Her ugly personality says as much.

A fence-sitting, Machiavellian person

Of course, there is that fat fence-sitting person, Machiavellian and positioning himself, waiting to put himself in a leadership position. Heh. Let's see if his machinations can get him anywhere.

Sucking up

One guy who always pretended to be Mister Nice Guy but is always sucking up to the leaders is now revealed in his full glory. Bootlicker extraordinaire. And he also runs a local art organisation, doing all the lap work.. That's when he started carrying the burning torch with a touch of name-calling. Wonderful.

The reactions

The reactions of this local art movement is almost like a form of a Singapore Taliban.

Of the propensity for Groupthink

You are probably wondering about the society which I live in. Well, there is a propensity often for groupthink and lynch mobs even in something that you would imagine would be very liberal as in an art society of sorts.

Would this change ever?

Quoting from a friend:

"You can't do it easily is his point. The process of changing one's belief is gradual and requires someone to be the introspective sort (not sure how you describe that sort of personality). So what one does should be to help the process not push the person further to the other side. That's why crabtree talks about reframing issues and changing behaviours which would in turn help make a person question his or her own usual consistent outlook."

Fouridine Ang

It is hard to say, there must be a will for change.

Of lynch mobs and cronies

As Teck Loong had expressed, ' I think it's more of a failure by the group to accept differing opinions, rather than SC's personal view.'

Thus, the Dear Leader's cronies all started barking. Bow wow wow. An inability to accept other views.

Some people have just expressed their true colours. I would forgive them if I see apologies coming however, I don't think they are big men (or some being short, stumpy with an ugly personality to boot, big people). Good to see people exposed that way sometimes.

It was described that there were two sides? It was more like everyone taking ganging up and attacking one guy. 10:1 ratio or something. No, I don't yield to these kind of people, instead, I expect apologies.

Now, of course, some are going to brush it off and carry on as if nothing has happened.

Of Siglap and Singapore's suburban hell and other matters

It is astounding how some people leapt up to defend their Dear Leader when I described Siglap as our very own suburban hell. This lynch mob then proceeded with personal attacks and more, being blinded by their hatred. It would seem that the groupthink in this community prevades so much that the people would be unable to discern anything else.

Then, you see the hypocrites in the lynch mob and also the bootlickers.