30 July 2013

Interns do all the real work

Apparently using interns to do real work at studios are a norm now. I saw it more than a decade ago. I hear about it now. Imagine if I were to engage a studio for work and the work is done by an intern...

It seems that it is like that for some software firms, they get the interns to code too.

28 July 2013


I had my first Bellini last night, a lychee Bellini. I also had my first Martini, a passion fruit Martini. Heheh.

24 July 2013

The very antithesis of dynamism

"It's always slightly distorted Chinatown scenes in bright sunlight and garish colour."
Quote from a friend.

23 July 2013

Jian Long's art

Jian Long's art at The NAFA Fine Art Degree Show 2013.

This is a strong apocalyptic scene, one of damnation, one of that of hell and such, very much in the tradition of the Old Masters. Likewise, the treatment, the ink rendering, the style involved were akin to the oil paintings of an earlier era.

Monday 22nd July 2013 6.30pm (Opening Reception)
Exhibition continues till Saturday 27th July 2013
Opens daily 11am to 7pm

Degree Show: Lim Hak Tai Gallery 3
Diploma Show: Gallery 1 & 2

NAFA Campus 1,
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, 80 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189655

Admission: Free

12 July 2013

Calls from the idiots from Diners Club International

Three or four calls from Diners Club International this year. It seems that they are going to keep trying and trying. Indications of a lack of interest do not seem make these idiots cease calling.

04 July 2013

Making a card

Last night, I had a dream of her making a card for me. It brought a smile to my face when I woke up.

Fire-breathing dragons

I dreamed of five fire-breathing dragons flying over a city and devastating it two nights' ago. It was a California city of indeterminate identity, a fantastic one of the mind.

Monitor lizard

I saw a monitor lizard swimming amidst the many orange koi fishes and tortoises in the pond at the Botanic Gardens in the evening yesterday. Heheh. It was quite an amazing sight. The lizard was puzzled by the bread being thrown at the fishes. It was not interested in the bread.