31 January 2013

Tempest and Sea Fury!

Population in Singapore

I have always been of the opinion that Singapore needs around 10-12 million people to matter in the next two decades. That opinion is from more than 5 years back. There are a variety of reasons why I think so. Heh. Not going to write an essay about it. Heh.

Goodbye SimCity Social!

Goodbye SimCity Social! This is it. Population 424,000+.

I did it without buying diamonds. No scripts either. I had stopped once before but I had decided that I had my fun. On to proper games. This is my final Facebook game. No more click-fests in future.
The Clapping Raccoon Company! Piak! Piak!

30 January 2013

Good afternoon Sweetness!


Sitting on me while I do push-ups? GULP! If I were that strong! Heheh!

Anti-government whining

Mindless negativity is grating. Whining especially. At least, critique with some thought and information.

Hiding two persons

I hid two persons on Facebook today. I don't need to be reading their hatred-filled angry anti-government status updates. No thanks. I have no interest. Hiding is not removing nor blocking. These people are still on my fiend, ahem, friend list.

Raoul text spam

I thought Raoul wants to be a high class clothing brand? Why are they spamming on SMS about their sales?

23 January 2013

What is he drawing?

Friend: i reall dunno what hes drawing

Friend: isit a robot?

Friend: buidling???

Me: Psst, random shape!

22 January 2013

Eleven days

It took eleven days for Starhub to change a cable at my place. It was that simple. I had no connection for eleven days.

How's that for fast response and service?

It feels like a Third World Country.
Meanwhile she growls on the train! Whee!
I shall have to go running this evening.

Of the power couple in Singapore

"they could be the power couple who goes on to conquer and lead the different societies in singapore!!!!"

Quote from a friend about two persons. Haha.

21 January 2013

Of dancing with modern Stalinists

It seems that George Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' is a book often read here but not understood.

It is also possible that some chose to ignore the very themes conveyed. Modern Stalinists in new dresses. 

16 January 2013

No connection with Starhub for eleven days

My Starhub fibre optic connection has been down since Sunday. The technicians can only come on Monday. That is eleven days without an internet connection. How's that for service?

A month is 30 days. And 11 days out of 30 without a connection. There is no guarantee that they can fix it on Monday either.

What can I say?
I had drawn quite a bit last year. I should upload the stuff one of these days.
Phew! I found the service on IRAS that I needed. Done and completed.

IRAS website

I find the IRAS website unfriendly and not very navigable. I'm looking and looking for a page now. Arrgh. A service, rather.

Why is it so hard to want to pay to IRAS?

Starhub fibre-optic connection down

Day four. The Starhub fibre-optic connection is still down. Ugh. Maybe, it was a bad idea upgrading to this. The previous cable service was often slow too.

14 January 2013


My Starhub fibre-optic connection is still down at home. Ugh. And Starhub does not know why. The fellow from Starhub told me that they are going to ask Open Net. What a mess. No connection.

What is almost as bad is the Starhub 3G services. I was trying to use it to get on Facebook and it took more than 10 minutes to load.

11 January 2013

Of time management and such

"What is time management? I dunno the concept not anymore, time management to me is begging clients for extension of deadline then no sleep for 3 days."

Quote from a friend and illustrator who shall remain nameless

Of graduating from fine arts

"Its sad to see so many kids graduate from fine arts or whatever and thrust into the industry who doesn't need them, then they join AIA or NTUC Income as an agent jaded and defeated"

Quote from a friend who shall remain nameless. He is lamenting on the state of art education here and the market for them.

09 January 2013

Torchlight 2 and Tropico 4

I just tried Torchlight 2. Initial impressions, it seems to lack the mystery of the first. It seems to have only scripted paths. I tried Tropico a long time back. Now, I am trying Tropico 4. I have finished the tutorial. Hmm.. It seems rather unpolished. The interface seems cumbersome.

Too short

"They probably think the other party is too short."

Quoted. The person who uttered this shall remain nameless as will the two persons in question. Haha!

Losing weight

Her trying to lose weight is like North Korea trying to give up nuclear weapons.

Junk email

49 pieces of junk mail in my inbox at work this morning. Ugh. The usual number is around 20-30 of them.

08 January 2013


"Maybe she didn't want to hire an accountant for her beauty parlour, so..."

Quote, source private.

07 January 2013

Simcity Social - latest screen captures

Five more pieces of land and then I would have expanded everywhere!

Of people who want free stuff

Why do people who ask for free stuff always clothe their demands in words like community partnership and sponsorship? If you want free stuff, say so. Don't be evasive.

You get more respect from me if you were direct and to the point.

03 January 2013

Reading from a script

A girl called. She started reading from a script about the SAP system. After a while, she paused and waited for me to say something before continuing reading from it. I interrupted and said, 'You're reading from a script'. She said, 'Oh, sorry'. I said, 'I am not interested'. And the call ended.

02 January 2013


I was running this evening and was hearing rolling thunder towards the end of my run. The skies over Bukit Timah is almost pitch black. Then, I saw the broadest streak of lightning that I have yet seen strike somewhere near. It was hair-raising. We have one of the highest, if not the dubious honour of the highest lightning strike rate in the world. There were still people with children walking in the park. What's the matter with these people?

Madame De La Luna

Madame De La Luna by Marc Almond.