31 October 2012


Disney buys Lucasfilm now. They have already about Pixar and Marvel. This is consolidation on a big scale.

It will be interesting to see which intellectual property gets a reprieve, a new lease of life and which ones die by the way side.

John Carter is dead and buried.

I wonder if such consolidation is good for the industry as a whole.
Heavy storm out there.
I am going to post photos of tanks. Those were meant to be up a few years ago and were lingering as drafts.
I may head to SLS this evening. I want to pick up Windows 8 and some games, namely, Borderlands 2, Guild Wars 2 and possibly one other.

Battlefield 3 statistics

From half a year ago. Heh.

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Caller: I am calling from XXX agency regarding a publication for the XXX organisation. I understand..

Me: Our advertising budget is zero.

Caller: For a minimal sum of $500 per ann..

Me: Did you take O level Mathematics? Do you understand the concept of zero?

Caller: Per annum, it is...

Me: No? No Mathematics?

Caller: What other publications do you advertis..

Me: It does not matter. Zero. Do you understand how much zero is?

Caller: Thank you..

She just would not give up.

29 October 2012

SimCity Social

That's it. Enough of Simcity Social. I will stop playing at this point. Enough. For those who want to know how to progress fast in population and building, let me offer some tips. I don't use bots, scripts, cheating programmes or buy diamonds. I think the cheating programmes are probably infected with trojans and viruses.

 Here is what I do:

1. First, go to the SimCity Social app page.


On most posts, ask people to 'add you'. You need about 250-300 people.

2. Click on those free energy and giveaway links daily. Lots of those.

3. Ask those friends you added daily for energy. Daily.

4. Play daily. You need to collect at least more than 10 times a day. There is no short cut.

5. Use fame to buy Convenience Stores, Mocktail Bars. Upgrade them to 1 star. Use f

6. Visit your neighbours daily for energy and have some as enemies and some as friends. Raise the levels to maximum. I get 91% drop chance for items when I visit them.

7. For maximum population, build observatories using Fame. Don't build Gaia's Gardens and such. I built too many and wasted space.

8. I did finish a lot of missions/tasks, missions/tasks add xp. These allow you to level almost daily. I level daily and a lot of cash and energy come from there. I don't really like the tasks and I do leave a lot of them for later.

9. Ask your fellow players daily for land permits. You should have 80 at all times.

10. Expensive buildings like office towers and hotels are not worth the returns.

11. Cheap buildings like diners, toy factories, etc are not worth the energy. You need them when you start. The best ones are the convenience stores and mocktail bars.

Okay, that's it. I hope this helps. I won't be playing anymore.
What a sunny morning. It looks like another 35 degree day again. Hot!

It was at least 35 degrees yesterday with temperatures dropping to 31 degrees in the evening. 

25 October 2012

Yesterday, I ran fast enough over a short stretch to have done a 12-minute 2.4 km. I need to measure out a proper 2.4 km stretch for faster runs.

24 October 2012

I shall have to go run this evening, heat or otherwise.
A fast trip home and then I am back in the office. Heh. Hot hot day.

Weirdness abound

There is also an artist-cum-designer whom I have not ever met or heard of or talked to who had blocked me on Facebook (and he is not on my friend list either)! I did a check on him and I now know who he is.

A few months ago, he unblocked me curiously enough after I spoke to a friend about him.

How strange. Previously, he was unknown to me, now, he has drawn attention to himself by blocking me. He is obviously not the sharpest guy around.

How would you like to lower your taxes?

Some idiot just called saying that she was from Microsoft Singapore. She asked if I would like to lower my tax. I asked 'tax?' She said, 'Under the PIC scheme..' I asked if she was calling from a partner or some other company. She said she was from Microsoft. I asked if she were calling from Microsoft at Shenton Way and she finally admitted that she was from an outsourced company. I said, 'Liar' and hung up.

I hate it when people lie outright and misrepresent themselves. This is not the first time this has happened. Microsoft Singapore provides platforms like servers and so forth. It does not code applications. This would be left to their partners and other companies.

23 October 2012

End of personal Pacnet accounts

The end of the personal and residential side of Pacific Internet. What a pity. The service wasn't particularly good, the storage space was miniscule. However, one would have a paid account with the same address for years. Stability.

Now that it is ceasing, well, I would have to inform my friends of the change in email address.

22 October 2012

Ice-cream. That ice-cream trip didn't happen due to the heavy downpour over the weekend. Oh well. Next time then.

The man without a role

He is not a director, nor a writer, nor an artist, nor a person with ideas. His best-fitting role would be akin to that of a producer, coming with the funds and sponsors from the many people that he knows. He is good at networking.

Kickstarter and other crowd-sourcing methods should fit him well where he could hire a team for his purposes.

Of meaningless conflict

Unpleasant, militant, old girls versus rude, narrow egoist. Entertainment par excellence on a dreary Monday work day.

17 October 2012

Insect robots

Everytime I see an artist or illustrator convert an insect into some sort of insect bot or insect robot, I think a puppy dies somewhere.

12 October 2012

Lance Armstrong's supporters

The denial of the Armstrong supporters is akin to that of followers of Jobs. It is intriguing to observe.

10 October 2012

I finally finished a book that I had meant to read in the early 80s. Has it been so long? Time passes in an eyeblink.

Two thousand years

Caller: Hello, I am calling from Singtel about Google and search engine-based marketing.

Me: I have zero budget for advertising.

Caller: Let me introduce this package, it actually costs very little...

Me: Zero is zero.

Caller: Erm, when can I call back?

Me: In two thousand years.

Caller: Okay, I will call you back in two thousand years, thank you.

09 October 2012

Good advice from bankers

I figure that bankers don't give good advice to people, the good advice they give are only good for their commissions.

07 October 2012

06 October 2012

Updating the Goodreads database. You can find my ratings there. Perhaps, I should go for Librarything. Hmm..

04 October 2012

A book, ice-blended coffee and the company of a few good friends. And of course,  paper for sketching and painting.
A bit of peace would be nice.
Thursday! The weekend is almost upon yes! Yes!
A big rainstorm this morning and a chilly 25.5 degrees. There was an accident involving a taxi and some other vehicle at Thomson Road. The entire bumper of the taxi came off.
Mimi killed a myna today. These intelligent birds don't learn and they tempt fate by lurking around.

01 October 2012

The heat today is terrible. 35 degrees no less! It was probably more in the sun!