20 August 2018

Quests for the Outcast

It does appear that I would have to venture into the Steps of Torment again to finish a quest. Afterwards, I would have to explore the Bastion of Chaos for another and finally, Port Valbury for the last. Then, I can move into the Ultimate difficulty of the game. Hmm.. Should I go straight into Ultimate?

Finally, I would need to restore my reputation with the Black Legion as the Outcast quests reduce Black Legion reputation.

Ashes of Malmouth completed on Elite difficulty

Whee! I have managed to finish the Ashes of Malmouth on Elite difficulty. I should now seek to boost my defences, the resistances. That will lead to a big drop in dps however.

15 August 2018

It is almost time. Phew! I have been distracted. It is such a dreary day.

Relegation candidates 2018-2019

I look back at my prediction for relegation in the 2017-2018 season. I got it right that Swansea City, the Malaysian-owned team would be relegated. Watford and Huddersfield Town stayed up.

My predictions for this season are:

West Ham United

13 August 2018

Steps of Torment

I finally finished the Steps of Torment in Grim Dawn for the first time at level 82. It was my second attempt. It was my first attempt in Elite difficulty. Two years ago, I tried for the first time probably at level 20 thereabouts in Normal difficulty, of course, my character died in seconds.

11 August 2018


People who have betrayed me in the past can expect no pity nor forgiveness. They are less than human to me.

08 August 2018

Of Spaceships and Dreams

I dreamed of a spaceship design in my sleep at dawn today. Haha. I shall have to draw it tonight.


Airmech has changed a fair bit since I was on it four or five years ago. Great game.

The Front Line Assembly soundtrack is excellent, likewise the Warmech soundtrack.

Elite and Legendary levels

I have managed to finish Grim Dawn on Elite difficulty, thus unlocking Ultimate difficulty! Legendary items have began dropping.


Instagram is a funny place. It seems to be a practice there that if someone follows you, you are expected to follow them back. In the past few years, I had various people follow me, and when they find that I had not followed them in return, they stop following me. A few entities did that a few times.

I find a few commercial entities doing that. Likewise, some girls who I have never heard of who I think are probably 'influencers'. (Their instagram accounts seem to be full of pictures of them posing at the pool, at a café, on holiday somewhere).