29 January 2015

I have been reading a fair bit. A bit less drawing but I am drawing more now.

21 January 2015

I miss Sweetie.

The end

When I last stopped Ingress, I had some unfinished business. There were some goals that I had wanted to reach.

I had reached them. I managed level 10 over the weekend.

Both my guardian portals were stopped at day 49 which is today.

This time, there is little left to do, I shall stop. The next level is a gulf too far to bridge. I don't want to be looking at my mobile screen when I am outside.

Time to stop. New things await.

17 January 2015

It has been tremendously hot for the last week. I wonder if the rainy season is finally over.
I was at Woodlands library yesterday, it was a pleasant surprise as I was able to borrow five volumes which I had been seeking.
100,000 AP more to level 10. Then, I will stop playing Ingress. I will still watch it for about 20 seconds a day for the next month or two. I want to get the Guardian badge.