30 January 2016

I have some ideas that I would like to render today. I must and will do it.

I need a quiet place with a bit table. I need a few hours.

I also want to be far from the maddening crowd.
Adrift, alone in an ocean of faceless people. The impermanence of the seemingly strong bindings, the ever wandering caravels, sailing to ever distant ports of call...
I haven't eaten dinners on Fridays and Saturdays for a while.

28 January 2016

As I strode in the moonlit paths, traversing the dim forests of the shadowlands, I glimpsed the silhouettes of giants, the shifting distant forms. I trudged toward the misty, forlorn island, where it would be, where it was. History, the present and the future had become one. I revisited the places I had been, the heights I had once scaled and of the windswept vistas I had the fortune of once savouring.

It is but a dream.
A wave of sadness has swept over me. Oh well.

20 January 2016

I saw a 1.2m long monitor lizard climbing a tree when I went for a run earlier. I realise a number of people who walked by did not see it, they have eyes but they do not see.

09 January 2016

06 January 2016

It looks like a trip to Upper Thomson Road tomorrow. Heh. Hopefully, it will not be as hot as yesterday.

Unfinished drawing

I have a half-finished drawing of a few housing blocks in Tampines. It does not look as if I will ever finish this piece now. I think I will transform it into a science fiction piece, an imaginary cityscape.

Goodness, how fast time has passed. It is four!
A walk in the light drizzle from Bishan brings back memories.
I have started using Hotmail some time back. Gmail seems to be encumbered with too many things, it loads slowly, very slowly.
Today, I will probably visit Bishan for a short bit. Some travelling today. First, I need to get office work done.
Yesterday was half day of travel. It was hot, very hot with strong, relentless sunshine.

04 January 2016

02 January 2016