29 November 2014

Wasting time

I find that I spend more time looking at the maps, inventory and people chatter in Ingress-related groups than actually playing the game. I probably spend ten times the amount of time doing that as compared to playing the game. It does not make sense.

The end of Ingress

I think it is time to stop playing Ingress even though I was only playing casually and devoting several minutes to it every day.

I think the next level goals are not achievable without a crazy effort and vast amounts of time. I am unwilling to spend that sort of time. I have other things that are more important and that I want to do. Ingress just isn't that important nor fun for me to want to persist.

Goodbye Ingress. It was fun while it lasted.

I think I will continue to submit portals in the course of taking photos, I take a lot of photos anyway. I will submit about 230 to 250 of them. Right now, I have submitted 144 of them.

26 November 2014

I will not go running this evening. I am far too sleepy.
It is going to be a struggle to get through this day. I doubt if I will go running this evening. I am too sleepy.

08 November 2014

Civilization: Beyond Earth

Civilization: Beyond Earth looks Civilization V in space with Alpha Centauri elements. I think I will wait till it comes out on discount in a few year's time. Nothing pressing, nothing groundbreaking.

05 November 2014

Of Ingress and Civilization V

I made level 8 in Ingress yesterday afternoon. I will be playing very casually from now on, in other words, I may only fire up the application if and when I visit a new place and there are portals. I won't be active anymore. No more daily checks or anything of that order. It is more likely that I stop playing the game altogether, it will fade from my consciousness in a while. It took a fortnight to achieve level 8.

I finished a first proper game of Civilization V last night with a domination victory. It took far too long for so little. I will be uninstalling it. Enough.

03 November 2014

Time flies. It is November!

A standard game

I tried my hand at a standard game of Civilization V yesterday. The last one was a tutorial game. It was time-consuming. I had managed to conquer two nations and three city-states after five or more hours. Oh dear.

I could have spent the time reading. I was not in the mood to read then.

Orchard Road - February 2013

01 November 2014

Front Line Assembly - Fatalist


Spending wisely

I used to spend a fair bit on books at Kinokuniya monthly. The expenditure was considerable.

I had done a reality check and also some comparisons a few years ago. I thought the money could be better spent on books from Amazon and Books Depository. The prices at Kinokuniya was and is far too high, and can be double or triple the recommended listed price. I could get double or triple the volume of books for the same amount of money I had spent.

From then, I have reduced my purchases at Kinokuniya to the odd stationery item like a pigment ink technical pen or paint brush and a few magazines annually. Since then, I have been buying from Amazon. One has to be realistic.