27 August 2016

25 June 2016


I am not a British citizen nor resident of the British isles. This morning, on the radio, a reporter from the BBC was trying to get a soundbite from the folks at Brompton bikes. And it came out not in the way the reporter imagined. The Brompton bikes folks actually said that the Brexit had weakened the pound and business will increase!

Meanwhile, Abe has a massive headache. Abenomics is based on a devalued yen. Now, the yen has become a safe haven for funds and the yen has strengthened, thus weakening Japanese exports and Japanese manufacturing.

I guess there is unintended comedy in the midst of the Brexit maelstrom.

As in all crisis, there are always opportunities, be it shares, commodities or bonds or even... sales! Yes, buy British!

24 June 2016


I finished another two dungeons in Deathtrap. The game has gotten a fair bit more challenging now.

It is a tower defence and action RPG hybrid. I recommend it. It is tremendous fun.

23 June 2016

I should not wait till late. I will plan to trip to France or Germany for the next year now!

22 June 2016

Don't push me around because you will regret. I don't respond to threats. Things can be settled in a friendly, adult way, by talking. Threats are just childish.

12 May 2016


Ink and liquid watercolours. Drawing from 2014.


Ink and liquid watercolours. Drawing from 2014.

Relegation 2015-2016

I was looking at  my prediction for the 2015-2016 season relegation candidates 2015-2016. I got Aston Villa and Norwich City (Newly promoted) right. Sunderland did not go down, Newcastle did. That's interesting. 2/3.

I will make my next prediction later. Haha.

19 April 2016

Talented? No, not me. I have seen others who are much more but have not taken this path. That rules the genetic aspect out for me. Environmental factors? Again, not encouraging, not supported and always doubted, then again, that is the same for a great many people. However, what I do have is more free time. Much of it is in my hands. How much and what I can do.

I have worked hard.

Marsheaux - Leave In Silence

Some people are incredibly nice. I enjoy talking to them.
Oh well. Life is like that.
When they are wrong and it is clear and evident, they will still insist on being right. Such is the way of the elderly. It is not a wonder why many do not deserve the respect that they think should be accorded to them for they are just as capable of the same follies as people of any age. Not merely in an Asian society is this state of affairs prevalent, it is present everywhere.

09 April 2016

The Treasures of the World exhibition was a lot more interesting than that modern art exhibition at the National Gallery.

03 April 2016

23 March 2016

Try to forget (Radio Forg Edit) - De/Vision

Time to go travel. New perspectives. New mind.

In about two months' time, I shall venture.
I guess I waited for a year, forlornly.
I remember buying mochi at Bugis+. It brings back a smile.
Some paths are meant to be walked alone, in life, sometimes, one cannot expect the support of the closest and the dearest. It is a lonely path to be traversed. The realisation after much experience is sobering but not unexpected.

22 March 2016

Leningrad cowboys - Those were the days

Leningrad Cowboys - Those Were The Days (TV - Sweden - 1995)

I have always liked this old Mary Hopkins song. It was based on an old traditional Russian folk song. Here, the Finnish group, the Leningrad Cowboys, perform their version of it.

I had used to sing it when I was a child.

"Remember how we laughed away the hours
And dreamed of all the great things we could do"

"Then the busy years went rushing by us
We lost our starry notions on the way"

I had once thought of writing a children's book with her.

12 March 2016

I need sleep!
I need to finish a few things at work today. Then, I will go home and sleep for a bit before venturing out to draw.

I am not sure if I want to play boardgames today. The distance to the venue is daunting. And I can't take the train there. It will have to be a bus or taxi. Tampines is more accessible than West Coast Road.

Orkestra Obsolete play Blue Monday using 1930s instruments - BBC Arts


09 March 2016

Not very productive today. Ugh.
It was evident from the beginning. I should have taken that trip that I had wanted for a few years now. My idealism had softened me and blinded me.

Front Line Assembly - Millennium [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

I remember that we had planned to watch the stars at the Science Centre, go for rides at the Universal Studios, and go for picnics with a basket of wine and cheese. Somehow, in the hustle and bustle of things, the days had passed and we had not ever made time for them. Like the impermanence of falling raindrops, these little plans were swiftly swept away.

08 March 2016

The Frozen Autumn - This Time


The Frozen Autumn - There's No Time To Recall

Faith & Disease - Louise

A cover of Clan of Xymox's classic by Faith and Disease.

faith and the muse - scars flown proud (live).VOB

Faith And The Muse - Shattered In Aspect [Live]by luikidark.avi

A quiet day.
I shall plan what I will do this weekend as well besides planning work.

07 March 2016

Monday. Ugh.
A fair bit was accomplished today! Hurrah!
There is an interesting article on Spize in the papers today. Apparently, the Spize at River Valley Road had predated that of Simpang Bedok.

And I only discovered that there is a Spize in River Valley Road about a year or so ago.
I had dreamt of walking in the lobby of a grand hotel with its caf├ęs and restaurants at dawn. The golden brass fittings, the high ceilings and vast windows continue to linger in my mind.
I need to plan the week ahead.
I wish the weekend were longer. After work, I was at the library at Bukit Panjang and then I was at Wheelock Place and Ngee Ann City.

And that was it, Saturday was gone.

27 February 2016

Grim Dawn, not bad at all. Not as polish and smooth as Victor Vran though.

26 February 2016

It is within striking distance! Whee!
Grim Dawn has been launched! Yay!
Now, I need a floppy disk drive.

Virtual machine installed

Windows XP virtual machine running fine. Where do you want to go today?

Sadly, it is for work, not for games. Haha. I can think of games that I would play. Hmm. Maybe I will try a virtual machine for Linux and Windows Vista at home.

I don't want a dual boot at this point.
When one dreams, one is embarking on a journey...
So sad. Never did make it back to eat the blue ice-cream at Tanglin Mall...
I need to apply for a new food licence.

Killing termites will cost me $1700+


Ingress. I had a strategy that involves generating JARVIS viruses and AXA shields with my numerous MUFG capsules. Sadly, it is deemed too powerful and the production rates have been slowed to 1/10 or maybe 1/100 of the original rates. The strategy and buildup had taken a few months implement. Now, it is impossible. The hardwork had come to nought though I did enjoy several weeks of success.

This is where I quit the game for good. I was semi-retired anyway.
The setback was temporary. I was drawing at Oriole afterwards and thinking.

21 February 2016

It is time to pull out my Funker Vogt CDs, it has been a while.

Marnie - Wolves (Official Video)

Marnie - Hearts On Fire (Official Video)

Marnie - The Hunter (Official Video)

Ladytron - Ghosts [Official Music Video]

At least, Saturday was fruitful. Part of the major issue was solved. My heavy heart is gone. Now comes the next challenge. I will find out on Monday.
The weekend is too short! I want to draw more and browse too. In an eyeblink, it is late night!

18 February 2016

At least, the weekend is here. Heh.
Four days of trying to resolve an issue and it is still not resolved despite the numerous solutions that I came up with. More issues kept popping up.

If only.

I am frustrated.

17 February 2016

Recently, I was near the Greek restaurant that we had meant to go. Sadly, we never did make it there.
I remember when we went to the airshow together, I was very touched. I will be going again on Friday.
I have always felt protective. I feel for her and I want to hug her and protect her from hurt.

13 February 2016

In an eyeblink, the long Chinese New Year weekend is over. Another weekend is upon us now.

09 February 2016

I had talked of visiting the lighthouse at the other end of Singapore but we never did make it there. Neither did we make the Bird Park nor Il Lido. As I drew, the memories having spoken about them came back.

04 February 2016

Chinese New Year again. Ugh. All those tiresome visits.

At least, I don't have to do much visiting anymore. I think this would be a great quiet period to get a lot of reading done.
Memories flooded into my mind unbidden as I walked down the streets, the joy and the laughter of those times.

30 January 2016

I have some ideas that I would like to render today. I must and will do it.

I need a quiet place with a bit table. I need a few hours.

I also want to be far from the maddening crowd.
Adrift, alone in an ocean of faceless people. The impermanence of the seemingly strong bindings, the ever wandering caravels, sailing to ever distant ports of call...
I haven't eaten dinners on Fridays and Saturdays for a while.

28 January 2016

As I strode in the moonlit paths, traversing the dim forests of the shadowlands, I glimpsed the silhouettes of giants, the shifting distant forms. I trudged toward the misty, forlorn island, where it would be, where it was. History, the present and the future had become one. I revisited the places I had been, the heights I had once scaled and of the windswept vistas I had the fortune of once savouring.

It is but a dream.
A wave of sadness has swept over me. Oh well.

20 January 2016

I saw a 1.2m long monitor lizard climbing a tree when I went for a run earlier. I realise a number of people who walked by did not see it, they have eyes but they do not see.

06 January 2016

It looks like a trip to Upper Thomson Road tomorrow. Heh. Hopefully, it will not be as hot as yesterday.

Unfinished drawing

I have a half-finished drawing of a few housing blocks in Tampines. It does not look as if I will ever finish this piece now. I think I will transform it into a science fiction piece, an imaginary cityscape.

Goodness, how fast time has passed. It is four!
A walk in the light drizzle from Bishan brings back memories.
I have started using Hotmail some time back. Gmail seems to be encumbered with too many things, it loads slowly, very slowly.
Today, I will probably visit Bishan for a short bit. Some travelling today. First, I need to get office work done.
Yesterday was half day of travel. It was hot, very hot with strong, relentless sunshine.

04 January 2016