14 January 2020


I realise that there are only four kinds of videos that I watch online.

1. Videos from the Tank Museum. (and one or two other commentators on tanks)

2. Videos from InRangeTV, Forgotten Weapons and one or two more gun channels.

3. Videos of cats!

4. Music videos of EBM, and classical.

That is about it.

19 December 2019

Baby otter

Last night, I was running at the Botanic Gardens. I saw some otters at a distance away. Later, I came upon a baby otter abandoned by the four adults. When the adults have truly left. I went up to the baby. I fended off dogs, joggers and people from getting too close. I called the Botanic Gardens, no one answered. I called ACRES.  Some passer-bys helped me in guarding the baby otter and also sending pictures to ACRE. 20 minutes later, they sent two persons from the Otter group. One hour later, a director who is licensed to handle wildlife came from the National Parks and took the baby away. I stood there for an hour, helping. Then, they all left in the golf cart. Suddenly as soon as it started, it was over, I was there in the darkness. I went home after.

09 October 2019

I find that my HP printer turns itself on daily. It then proceeds to do something before switching off again. It is presumably sending diagnostics information back to HQ.

I did try to interfere with that by pressing the switch once. In any case, it continued the same process the very next day.
Singapore Restaurant Week is back. I haven't heard of it for about five years or so now. I was surprised to see an email from them appearing in my mailbox.

I don't go try restaurants much anymore. Earlier this year, I did visit two which is actually rare for me these days.

I am like a hermit these days, haha.

27 August 2019


The problem with buying bread at night is this, you can't find any!

I was at Barcook Bakery at Square 2 at 8:20 pm. Zip, nada, nothing! I was then at Breadtalk (I know I know, horrible stuff) but they are under renovation. Same for Cedele at Novena Square.

I went to Duke Bakery at United Square, sold out. Same for Cedele. I finally found a loaf of multi-grain bread from Swiss Bake at Cold Storage!

14 August 2019

F-4 Phantom II

What am I reading?

I have just started on the two volumes on French tanks by Steven Zaloga. This was sparked by playing War Thunder on the computer as a friend had taken to using French tanks in the game. They were pretty horrible in the game though their cast, shaped armour were pretty advanced for its time.

I am also reading "Battle Flight: RAF Air Defence Projects and Weapons Since 1945" by Chris Gibson. This is about British Cold War air defences as denoted in the title, much of which were paper projects and prototypes that were never fielded. This is an area that I know little about.

A few decades ago, Singapore did field the Bloodhound surface to air missile (SAM). This is examined in the book by Gibson.

I have read a few books about the Battle of Stalingrad over the years. I have also read much more on the Eastern Front.

"Winter Storm: The Battle for Stalingrad and the Operation to Rescue 6th Army" by Hans Wijers has just arrived in the mail. I have always wanted to read more accounts of the firefights in the tractor factory, the city fighting in general. This volume should have the narratives I seek.

And as I usual, I am reading numerous others, each at various stages of completion.

03 August 2019

10 July 2019

I have used metal straws some years before. This weekend, I had the experience of using one in a café. Needless to say, sucking a metal straw isn't pleasant, I rather drink from the glass. No, I don't like straws period, metal or plastic. This move to stop the use of straws is absurd and amusing at the same time, almost Kafkaesque.

02 July 2019

I wish the Orchard library will carry Air International and Jane's Defence Weekly. However, I don't think they will.