07 December 2017


It is one thing to be stoic and resolute in the face of adversity and challenges and it is one thing to be fatalistic. There is a difference.

Acceptance and understanding versus just rolling over.

There is also a third category where one simply rationalises to oneself that it is actually for the better, that's the Ah Q way.

Oh well, I observed a few bit of defeatism and self-deception in some people lately.

20 November 2017

I wish the weekend were longer. There is so many things that I want to do. Not enough time and energy. Oh well.

28 October 2017

I found an old 'I love you' card that I had wanted to give her. In the end, it was never given. There it was, lingering in the corner of that drawer.

06 October 2017

04 October 2017

It is a chilly 24.5 degrees this morning. The monsoons are here in full force. I think it was never generally this rainy or cold at this time of the year.

30 September 2017

I must manage Saturday well. There is only so much time.
A nice beginning to a weekend. I drew a few bit.

I will have to buy bread and pastries today!

26 September 2017

Phew! I am okay now, I think I was struck down by allergies for three days. That can be quite debilitating. I am astonished. Two months gone from a cold or flu and allergies. Just like that.
I had loved her with all my heart.

23 September 2017

I am not fully recovered but I will go out to draw today and also think. Oh well. Not feeling too good.
I have seen the folks at Baker & Cook, Spinelli's and also Starbucks feeding old men and old women at times, and also bags of giving free food. And I have seen that quite regularly.

There are good people out there.