22 April 2015

A carton of books

A week ago, I had dreamed that I had received two big cartons of books in the mail. Sadly, just as I opened the first carton, I woke up for work.
I need to focus.
I ran 9:13 for the first 1.79 km and 31:20 for 5.2 km. I didn't want to push hard as I need to conserve a bit of energy for the next two 5.2 km runs. The timing were decent,

The temperature was a cool 26 degrees after a storm. The last week has seen a sweltering 34 degrees in the evenings.

14 April 2015

A lost land in the mountains

I had a dream a fortnight ago where I had been in the mountains and found myself in a world akin to that depicted in Lost Horizon, a veritable Shangri-La.

There was a firefight preceding that flight to that peaceful land, little of which I could recollect. I had remembered rolling plains and fields, surrounded by tall, snow-capped mountains thrusting into the sky.

There was a friendly Chinese farmer who had appeared to come from the same world that I had come from. He had been trapped here for years but he was happy here and showed me around the lost land.

I had then travelled afar to the boundaries of the lost land. The vestiges faded as I woke up.

I had another dream of time travel to a past, an alternate timeline a week later. The images had faded when I woke up and travelled to work.

10 April 2015

I ran 9:30 for the first 1.79 km and around 32:00 for 5.2 km. I slowed considerably. I was tired. I had pushed the previous two days.

09 April 2015

I ran 8:20 for the first 1.79 km. Then I finished at 30:20 for 5.2 km. This is slower than the last time.

The temperatures has been around 33.5 to 34 degrees even in the evenings.

The runs have been not easy. There was one evening where the temperature was 27 degrees and it was a nice run.

08 April 2015

I need to focus.


I ran 1.79 km in 7:48 last week. After that run, I heard an interview on the BBC where this person was doing a kilometre in 3 minutes. That is extremely fast. I doubt if I can make or sustain that when I was still in national service.

Yesterday, I ran 1.79 km in 8:20 and 5.2 km in 30:30. Not fast enough.

27 March 2015

21 March 2015

As someone who draws (I don't call myself an artist, other people may be but I am probably not), I guess I have this perfectionist streak (nothing as severe as those great artists), or at least a need to for good work. Bad stuff leaves me vacant.

I spoiled two pieces last night. I have not had such disasters in a while. Oh well. I spent part of last night trying to salvage them. Perhaps, I should start with a clean piece of paper and forget them.

I am probably just unhappy with bad work. It bothers me.

12 March 2015

I will sleep at midnight tonight. I need more sleep.
A good run yesterday. The temperature was 25.5 degrees. I was faster.

I will go run again today.

11 March 2015

Saint Etienne - Method of Modern Love

I heard this wonderful song in concert in Singapore a few years ago.
I bought coffee when I was at Bishan today. I think I will need it.

I hope to run 5.2 km this evening if the weather holds up.

24 February 2015

When politics intrude

I hate it when a Facebook group becomes politicised. Now, a military group that I created is now becoming very politicised due to a China apologist and Putin fan.

It is annoying.

29 January 2015

I have been reading a fair bit. A bit less drawing but I am drawing more now.