26 May 2015

Prediction for relegation candidates 2015-2016

My prediction for relegation candidates 2015-2016 are:

Aston Villa
Norwich City (Newly promoted)

Relegation 2014-2015

My prediction for relegation candidates 2014-2015 were: Crystal Palace, Queens Park Rangers and Burnley. This time, I got two out of three correct. Queens Park Rangers and Burnley are down. Hull also went down and Crystal Palace was safe.

09 May 2015

I am clumsy today. I dropped my glasses and a cap for my glass.

Sweet memories

I remember one happy sunny day in May two years ago when Sweetie went with me to the navy open house at Changi. We had to queue for a fairly long time at the Expo then, I was grumpy but it was a pleasure being with Sweetie, she had brightened my life. Sweetie was very funny that day. Duck tour!

04 May 2015

Some observations on Ingress

Some observations on Ingress based on my experience. It will be different for everyone.

1. It helps to play where there are many people from your side. It helps if they live in the same area.

2. When there are substantially more opponents in the game, it is difficult. The number of Resistance players in Singapore clearly outnumber the enlightened. There are almost no level 8 Enlightened Portals near where I live. I have only seen it less than ten times. Maybe, three or four times at best. I see Resistance level 8 portals frequently, daily in fact.

3. People generally only reinforce their friends when they play, at least on the Enlightened side. They don't look to a larger overall purpose.

4. Home portals. If one has a portal or two within reach from one's home or office, it is substantial. It helps a fair bit.

5. Routes. If one's daily route does pass through portals, well, it helps a lot as well.

6. Many players, especially the diehard ones, use multiple accounts. I don't but I observe many do. They use a second one as a mule to store items, as a reinforcement to deploy shields quickly and more. And some have third accounts.

7. It seems that a number of players also use third party programmes that violate the terms of use too.

Oh well. I was not expecting a level playing field anyway.

Time to quietly fade away. In any case, I won't be noticed. I was a quiet low level player.

Onto new things! No more Ingress

I fell sick. Because of that, I missed a day on my Ingress hacking medal, thus, I would not be able to get a gold medal after 60 days, I would not make a level.

This is a signal to myself that I should be retiring for the third time. I can't see myself hacking for another 60 days for this. Enough of the game. I was playing casually anyway. I will maintain a guardian portal or two at best now, my only link to the game.

The passing few months have seen the departure of two regular Novena players. Now, the portals in Novena are low-level and frequently changing hands. There is no reinforcement and little point in seizing and deploying. I cannot not get the same level of xmp bursters and resonators from these ones anyway.

Onto new things!
I miss Sweetie.
The past week has seemed like a hazy period of a burning throat, medication and sleep, it is almost over now. Five days have disappeared just like that.
I have been out of sorts for a bit, down with a cold, out of commission for a few days.

22 April 2015

A carton of books

A week ago, I had dreamed that I had received two big cartons of books in the mail. Sadly, just as I opened the first carton, I woke up for work.
I need to focus.
I ran 9:13 for the first 1.79 km and 31:20 for 5.2 km. I didn't want to push hard as I need to conserve a bit of energy for the next two 5.2 km runs. The timing were decent,

The temperature was a cool 26 degrees after a storm. The last week has seen a sweltering 34 degrees in the evenings.

14 April 2015

A lost land in the mountains

I had a dream a fortnight ago where I had been in the mountains and found myself in a world akin to that depicted in Lost Horizon, a veritable Shangri-La.

There was a firefight preceding that flight to that peaceful land, little of which I could recollect. I had remembered rolling plains and fields, surrounded by tall, snow-capped mountains thrusting into the sky.

There was a friendly Chinese farmer who had appeared to come from the same world that I had come from. He had been trapped here for years but he was happy here and showed me around the lost land.

I had then travelled afar to the boundaries of the lost land. The vestiges faded as I woke up.

I had another dream of time travel to a past, an alternate timeline a week later. The images had faded when I woke up and travelled to work.

10 April 2015

I ran 9:30 for the first 1.79 km and around 32:00 for 5.2 km. I slowed considerably. I was tired. I had pushed the previous two days.

09 April 2015

I ran 8:20 for the first 1.79 km. Then I finished at 30:20 for 5.2 km. This is slower than the last time.

The temperatures has been around 33.5 to 34 degrees even in the evenings.

The runs have been not easy. There was one evening where the temperature was 27 degrees and it was a nice run.

08 April 2015

I need to focus.


I ran 1.79 km in 7:48 last week. After that run, I heard an interview on the BBC where this person was doing a kilometre in 3 minutes. That is extremely fast. I doubt if I can make or sustain that when I was still in national service.

Yesterday, I ran 1.79 km in 8:20 and 5.2 km in 30:30. Not fast enough.