19 August 2014

Acrobat bloat

It takes forever to open Adobe Acrobat .pdf files. Scrolling through the document is extremely slow too. Likewise, printing. I remember that the Acrobat Reader was once a 4MB programme, now, it is a piece of unwieldy bloatware that ties up a lot of resources.

14 August 2014

Sunny Bookshop

Sunny Bookshop is finally closing for good. I used to purchase science fiction novels from them in the nineties before the arrival of Borders. The selection then was fairly complete, one could find all the books of a single trilogy for instance.

This incarnation of Sunny Bookshop is at Plaza Singapura. The previous two iterations under the original owner were at Plaza Singapura.

I have also visited San Bookstore, the current owner of Sunny, since the early nineties at Peninsula Plaza and other locales. Sadly, all the San Bookstores are closing as well.

I bought two volumes last night.

07 August 2014

Thursday! Wheeeeeeeee!

Smashed vehicles

I saw a badly smashed taxi and car on the road last week, this morning I saw two badly smashed cars on the same road. Wow!

I don't think anyone was injured in both accidents though but the cars were wrecked.

06 August 2014

18 July 2014

From the looks of it, there are about four more tank models that are worth getting in the next half year. For the others, I will give them a miss. I don't want or need them.