18 November 2020

Martin Gore - Mandrill (Official Visual)

I am surprised. This is great. This new track from Martin Gore. I have pretty much written Depeche Mode off after 1992 when they veered into electro-blues which I hate, with abysmal albums like "Ultra", "Exciter", "Sounds of the Universe". "Mandrill" is a great new track from Martin Gore.

Catan: World Explorers

I gave the Catan: World Explorers game a try for 1.5 seasons. I finished the last season with 291 VP. I'm done. I have uninstalled the game. It's a good game and it is involving.

23 October 2020

An old telephone number

I am feeling a bit sad. I am writing in to Singtel to discontinue a number that my mother used for over 40 years. I remember calling her on that line and number when I was in school. Today, since my mother is at home, she doesn't need that line anymore.

Time does fly.

25 September 2020

Something seriously wrong

I am easy going and it takes a lot to set me off. If you actually set me off, well, there is really something seriously wrong with you

13 September 2020


 I have been drawing a fair bit of castles and painting them over the last two months. I have derived great from imagining them.

The return to Grim Dawn

 I had managed to level my Sorcerer to level 100 after a hiatus of two years. This was a troublesome build. I changed it four times. Now, it is decent albeit fragile.

It is dependent on the Obliteration power, which is item-based.

The beginning and the end

I had known from the beginning that it would not work out due to a few things I observed. All the same, I had loved her with all my heart. It didn't matter how or what she was, my love was unconditional. I had planned carefully that I would look after her, I would look after my health as well as to be able to grow old with her. In the case that I wasn't around, I had given thought that she would be provided for, that she would be comfortable in her old age. In the end, things had not worked out. Years have passed, it took a lot of time before the pain in the void in my heart would fade.

27 August 2020

War Thunder and what not.

 I played too much War Thunder last night. I will play a bit more to upgrade my Crusader tank before I stop. I will also stop playing Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor: Martyr.

I have one last character in Grim Dawn that I would like to level to level 100 and equip him with legendary items. My sorcerer is level 89 now, just a bit more.

28 July 2020

It has been a good week. I need to make better use of my time now.

Idiot Part II

The idiot is now history, thankfully.

A friend had remarked that I had been extremely patient with him. Yes. Fifteen years. It was a long time in coming. It wasn't a capricious act. As observed by a friend, I have been patient, it was fifteen years before I decided that he isn't a friend, whereas two of my friends blocked him within seconds of reading the idiot's comments. I had warned that idiot earlier this year. And years before, I had told him off for his boorish behaviour.

I am fine with differences in opinion but I am not fine with idiocy. It takes me time because I am sentimental, I don't like cutting off friendships. I take friendships seriously, even virtual ones. As I grow older, I rather cut off friendships with toxic people. Life is really too short for that, I rather spend time with good friends.

The ironic thing is that it is over the anti-China narrative. And I don't even like or care for China. However, I simply hate nonsense. The anti-China hysteria is Trump nonsense. The anti-China hysteria bothers me. And for those who know me, I am hardly attached to Chinese culture or Chineseness in any way.

23 July 2020

Idiot I

I have decided not to have anything to do with an idiot that I know online. I have known him for years, he was never the brightest of individuals but he had a huge ego. I have wasted enough time conversing with him.

21 July 2020

I was looking at a photo of Mimi from last year, one of the last taken when he was well. I am sad.

26 June 2020


I have finished Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor: Prophecy thrice now. Once with my assassin, once with my crusader and finally with my tech-adept.

Excellent game. High recommended.

21 June 2020

The week had passed fast. I spent a lot of time playing Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor: Martyr and Prophecy. Great game!

11 June 2020

Laptops and what not

A few years ago, I bought a cheap $300  HP laptop. The HP laptop was abysmal. It had 4 GB of RAM and it was inadequate. It had a small bit of solid state memory. With Windows 10 installed, the device had practically no storage space to install anything including Windows 10 updates. The laptop crawled and was useless. Who would design such a piece of trash? HP of course. It was my first laptop in over twenty years. In any case, I bought a real proper laptop this month, an Aftershock. It looks to be a good device.

01 June 2020


Two months of lockdown had mostly come to an end. I had worked at home and have been comfortable at home. I would have to return to the office on a consistent basis from tomorrow.

The lockdown doesn't really end, The lockdown or circuit-breaker as the government calls is still mostly in place but most companies except retail and eateries are restricted. It might take a month, it might take more time, it might take less time before things are less restricted. We shall see.

28 May 2020

I am finally done.

What a nice rainy night!

Book maintenance

The weeks had passed swiftly. I had worked in the day and at night at home. During weekends, I cleaned the study, re-arranged the books on the shelves. There were two decades of grime and dirt. Many books were stained. Time had gone by in an eyeblink. I should have a more regular maintenance programme to look after the books.

The shelves were finally done, now, just a few hundred books to wipe clean.