26 November 2015

Norm Augustine's Law Number XXII:

"If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice."
I thought drinking a mocha frappe would awaken me. Instead, I am more lethargic than ever. The horrible feeling of fullness. Lesson learned? Maybe.

Spam accounts

There are some dummy accounts emanating from a few countries in Indo-China. These accounts are used to post porn and porn links in some of the history Facebook groups that I moderate. I have extinguished the group membership of those accounts assiduously over the past year.

This is odd.

23 November 2015

The weekend flew by just like that. I did not draw nor read much. I wonder where the weekend went.

17 November 2015

Space Harrier

I was decent at Space Harrier. In the 80s, I was generally poor at arcade games, usually only lasting three levels but I could go for a distance in Space Harrier. Everytime I had played it then, I would have a small audience behind me. I think part of it was my ability to think spatially and that had assisted in the game a fair bit. This game had brought me great joy then and I had almost forgotten of its existence. Having said that, I have probably only played it less than ten times. It was around during the games ban period in Singapore, it was not available. I was in the US then and this game was not available there.
I miss Sweetie.

12 November 2015

I ran 5.2 km yesterday. I had to hop over a monitor lizard that was blocking the narrow path.

I ran 5.2 km the day before yesterday as well. I will run 5.2 km today if the weather permits.

29 October 2015

Wasteland 2

I slept too late last night, spending a fair bit of time amending the xml save file for Wasteland 2.

I found the original game far too frustrating and hard. I spent too much time pixel-hunting and also getting hit by exploding plants, poison gas and all that. Not fun at all.

After amending the file, the game became a lot more playable and smoother.

The League Cup

It seems to me that the top teams are competing to get out of the League Cup, and they are blatant about it, losing to much lower tier opponents. That is the reality of football right there.

22 October 2015

I have been sleeping later and later. I need to get my hours right again. Last night, I managed to sleep about an hour earlier. I am sleepy now despite having slept earlier.

01 October 2015

28 September 2015

I miss Sweetie.
The haze level today is 134. Oh dear. Over the weekend, it had appeared that things would be better.

I will take any opportunity to run when it drops under 100 from now on.
I met Alex and his daughter, Catlin, at Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City yesterday. They were on a visit from Australia. Ironically, we went to Jones the Grocer at the Mandarin Gallery for drinks.

I met his wife, Karen, and their other daughter later.