05 January 2019

Don't buy into what 'friends' are aggressively promoting.  It is agenda-driven. For instance, self-interest!

31 December 2018


A lot of the entities who follow me on Instagram are business entities and influencers, not 'real people' per se, it is probably programmed, a bot or script of some sort. They follow you and expect you to 'follow back'. It seems to be a custom on Instagram. When you do not 'follow back', they remove you within a few days. It is a photo depository for me, so, I don't care.
In the last few days, I have been finishing up my drawings. I have too many ideas and there were many incomplete pieces that were close to being finished.

I have at least ten more to finish at this point. I will try to finish this last piece for 2018.
Phew! I found my Rotring lead-holder among my brushes. I have been always somewhat careful, thus, it was annoying when I misplaced a thing.

This has been a good year. It has passed extremely fast. There was an emergency earlier in the year but that was settled thankfully.

I had known from the beginning that it wouldn't work, it was quite obvious but I had loved Sweetie all the same, cared for her, thought often of her. I had loved her with all my heart.

This is how life is. Everyone moves on, living. I did. There is nothing more to say.

23 December 2018

I lost my Rotring leadholder which I had been using for years. I must have left it at a café. Oh no! What can I do? I called one café up. I will call another tomorrow.

11 December 2018

It is almost 2019, I should really order that 2017 OMD album, 'The Punishment of Luxury'. I have put off ordering CDs for a while now.

02 December 2018

I did not play Grim Dawn tonight, instead, I spent the night drawing and painting.
I did not make it to Kinokuniya tonight.

I don't go there much anymore. The books are expensive and the place is loud and noisy. The background music is now rather grating.

I used to go there weekly.

01 December 2018

Time to go look at gun magazines in a bookstore!
I am painting at Oriole Cafe tonight. I shall vacate my table, the place is filling up.


I remember buying olive bread for her. Those days are long over, and Sophie Bakery is long gone. In the years that followed, I learned more about bread. If it were today, I would buy bread from Baker & Cook, Crown Bakery and Nassim Bakery for her. I would also buy gourmet cheese and olive oil to go with them.


When she had asked me a long time ago about feeding her till she became fat, I didn't say much but of course I would have. It was always evident to me to be loyal to her, even if she had been fat or ugly. It had always been imperative that I would look after her. There was no question in my mind about that. I suppose with many men who are rogues today, people do need assurance.

It has been a few years since I had had dinners with her. I do wonder from time to time if she is eating enough.

I was reminded of her when I saw a couple eating at the next table earlier, the girl was eating happily. Food does and did go to the heart. Oh well, ancient history.

26 November 2018


My level 78 Druid (Arcanist/Shaman). The ranged build has significantly less damage but it should be more survivable than the meleé build.

25 November 2018

24 November 2018

Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn has been engrossing. I started playing it two years ago and finished it.

This year, I bought the Ashes of Malmouth expansion, and finished it. I also managed to get four characters to level 100 with Jeromy.

Wilson and Shawn are also playing it, as was Wout in Belgium.
New ideas, finally putting them on paper. Writing up.

Hopefully, I can finish it by the end of the year. The re-release of The Fantasy Trip is a wonderful thing. I am now writing a background for a world and also writing adventures.

These are things that I have wanted to do since the 80s.

When these are done, I will prepare a GURPS conversion for them too.