30 September 2017

I must manage Saturday well. There is only so much time.
A nice beginning to a weekend. I drew a few bit.

I will have to buy bread and pastries today!

26 September 2017

Phew! I am okay now, I think I was struck down by allergies for three days. That can be quite debilitating. I am astonished. Two months gone from a cold or flu and allergies. Just like that.
I had loved her with all my heart.

23 September 2017

I am not fully recovered but I will go out to draw today and also think. Oh well. Not feeling too good.
I have seen the folks at Baker & Cook, Spinelli's and also Starbucks feeding old men and old women at times, and also bags of giving free food. And I have seen that quite regularly.

There are good people out there.

Imperative Reaction - Surface

Fairy tales are fairy tales.

There are no happy endings.

11 September 2017

A person I knew since since childhood has removed me as a friend on Facebook. That is not unexpected. He had never been a real friend, he was trying to make use of me recently but when he found that he could not, he decided that he had no use for me. So, he did the expected thing, I was wondering when he would do that.