26 December 2015

I will try to get more drawing done today. I will also read.
A customer came to collect his item and paid. Wow!
A quiet morning at work. I suspect there will be no customers this morning.

A Dream of School

I dreamed of being with Sweetie in an American campus. I dreamed that we were looking for a meal at an eatery in the institution. I was then waiting for her at a rail station after.

11 December 2015

Somehow someone had slipped me a 1-euro coin instead of a Singapore dollar in a transaction sometime in the week. Haha!

08 December 2015

Dreaming of you

I dreamed that Sweetie and I were in a campus in America a few weeks ago. Last night, I dreamed that Sweetie and I were in a place in Britain. My memory of the dream is hazy now after a long meeting.

02 December 2015

Time to get things done! The year has gone by fast.

The weekend was a whirlwind. Suddenly, it was over and a new week beckons.