22 December 2011

I may head down to Kinokuniya this evening. I am tempted to visit PageOne as it is closing down.
Whee! I have been drawing and painting. I should really go down to Art Friend and get more tubes of gouache. Heh.

21 December 2011

Of Hellboy going bonkers

I think I was a convenient vehicle for Hellboy as I was a sympathetic good listener. In his depression, he had sought out an outlet. Now that he doesn't need one, well, he's gone bonkers as usual.

The chosen

Lady: Hello, I'm calling from Singapore Bruends (That was how she pronounced it). You have been recommended and chosen by xxx organisation and a statutory board. We would like to conduct an interview with your directors and also two of you to our gala dinner. Blah blah blah. (She mumbled it all so that you can't catch most of the names of the organisations and boards.)

Me: Are you selling advertising?

Lady: No, we are not selling advertising, we are marketing bruends and we would like to reserve two seats for you at our gala dinner.

Me: Ahh.. Marketing. That's pretty much an euphemism for advertising (Of course there are differences). Sorry, my advertising budget is zero, we don't have any money for your company.

Lady: Since you are so direct, we will leave your company out. Goodbye!

You can literally hear me pumping my fist in the background going yeah yeah!

These days, there are many of these information and directory services that want to list you in their trade directories, advertising websites (Would you go to a site full of ads?),  give you awards, invite you to their gala dinners and so forth for a certain fee. Some are reputable while others are a hole in the hall, usually housed in the International Plaza at Tanjong Pagar and so forth.

A recent mail includes a big known organisation which congratulated my company for being ranked in the local SME 1000 and continued about the award being conferred and so forth. Then, there was an invitation to a gala dinner, 'a highly anticipated networking event where over 800 industry leaders and corporate...' will gather. Oh, then, there is the 2012 edition of that ranking list. Every year, this organisation would ask me to fill up financial information and I would stuff those questionnaires into the bin where they belong. This is supported by all the big business groups and government organisation. Heh.

20 December 2011

Playing computer games

I have played Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Magicka, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Left 4 Dead 2 in the last few days.

Strangely enough, I find Skyrim less than compelling and have been bored. I did play Oblivion and finish it some years ago.

A bad year for dictators

As noted in a comment on Walt O'Hara's wall on Facebook, this year has been a bad one for dictators with three of them shuffling off the mortal coil. Gaddafi, Steve Jobs, and now Kim Jong Il. (And no, Jon Bon Jovi didn't die, alas!)

19 December 2011

Games games games!

I have been playing Battlefield 3 quite a bit. So far, I have spent 48 hours. I will probably stop soon.

I have also started on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, Magicka and Left 4 Dead 2.

Brushes and gouache

I need more a few more No.3 and No.4 brushes for my experiments in gouache. I will also need more tubes of gouache in different colours, preferably more shades of greens and browns.

Hellboy, Emoboy and Coconut

Hellboy appeared to have forgotten his trenchcoat and had caught a cold. He is now soft in the head due to the cold, perhaps, he has always been this way. Hellboy is now more hysterical and emo than ever.

At least, Emoboy is sober.

Meanwhile, Coconut is learning to draw animals. That is something that I haven't explored much.

13 December 2011

Kooky people

I haven't so many kooky people as I know now. The views expressed are surprisingly kooky. Of course, if one were to tease them a little, well, these folks are humourless and will not take well to a bit of humour.

12 December 2011

So much to do at work too. Quoting and so forth.
Such a wonderful day.

Much to do this evening. Restoring email. Diary. Sorting out stuff.
I met the old Greyster outside Sim Lim Square on Friday night. I see him around quite a bit. Once in a while, I see him with his sidekick, Neuroticboy. Anyway, I said hello before heading to find Wilson.

I wonder if Hellboy will grace us with his words of wisdom today. What will he sprout from that bitter mouth of his? The world awaits with bated breath.

10 December 2011


A quiet Saturday morning. Errands to run in the afternoon. I missed the Human League concert this year. It looks like I may miss Ladytron at Zoukout this evening.

06 December 2011


Emotional outbursts and what not, one would come to the realisation that when people are exposed for the empty vessels that they are, they get more defensive.

Imaginary monsters

Apparently, Hellboy is plagued by imaginary monsters. Perhaps, it is time for him to check in.

29 November 2011

Nuisance call from the Bank of China

Now, a call on my mobile from a lady speaking on behalf of the Bank of China. She is very loud. I put my mobile in the drawer and let her go on and on.
I saw Neurotic Boy and Mr Moustache from a distance a week ago.

Collecting debt

I am thinking of referring a case of late payment to a debt collection agency. That would in a sense ruin their credit rating.

Alternatively, I could apply in court and go seize the things in their homes.

Nuisance calls from Prudential and Worldwide Debts Collection Limited

Woo! A call from Prudential right now on my mobile. He asked if I had upgraded.. I interrupted him and asked him to explain what he meant and then left my mobile in my drawer as he went on and on and on. Whee! Awesome!

Yesterday, I received a call, 'I'm calling from the Worldwide Debts Collection Limited'... I let her go on and left the mobile in the drawer.

Last night, there was a call from Finexis and I also left my mobile in the drawer as the nuisance caller went on and on.

Spending a government grant

‎'Hello, I am calling from Ion Consultancy with regards to government grants?'

My reply, 'Didn't you call yesterday?'

'Urrrm.. sure, okay, good bye!'

Yes, it is one of those company who call up and tell you that they want to help you spend a potential government grant. She called up yesterday and I told her I wasn't interested and she forgot and she called again today. Doh.

14 November 2011

Warhammer novels for sale

Here are Warhammer novels that an old friend, Denis, is selling.

If you want them, do email him.

Items in red to be sold as a set.
Items in black sold as single items.
Prices negotiable. Email denis1929@gmail.com


The Ambassador Chronicles – VG, unread- $10 
The Ambassador  (November 2003) 
Ursun's Teeth  (March 2004) 

Angelika Fleischer - $10 
Honour of the Grave (May 2003) G, read 
Sacred Flesh (June 2004) G, read 
Liar's Peak (August 2005) New 

Blackhearts- VG Unread- $15 
Valnir's Bane  (December 2004) 
The Broken Lance  (November 2005) 
Tainted Blood  (June 2006) 

Blood Bowl Series- $15 
Blood Bowl  (August 2005) G, read 
Dead Ball  (December 2005) G, read 
Death Match  (April 2006) G, read 
Rumble in the Jungle (December 2007) VG, unread 

Blood on the Reik New- $20 
Death's Messenger (March 2005) 
Death's City (October 2005) 
Death's Legacy (November 2006) 

Brunner the Bounty Hunter $15 
Blood Money  (January 2003) G 
Blood and Steel  (June 2003) VG  
Blood of the Dragon  (August 2004) VG 

Chaos Wastes VG $15 
Palace of the Plague Lord (August 2007) VG 
Blood for the Blood God (November 2008) VG 

The Daemon's Gates Trilogy new $20 
Day of the Daemon (May 2006) 
Night of the Daemon (January 2007) 
Hour of the Daemon (November 2007) 

Empire Army Series VG $35 
Reiksguard (June 2009) 
Iron Company (November 2009) 
Call to Arms (March 2010) 
Grimblades (July 2010) 
Warrior Priest (October 2010) 

Gotrek and Felix VG and G $75 
Trollslayer * (August 1999) 
Skavenslayer * (September 1999) 
Daemonslayer * (October 1999) 
Dragonslayer * (September 2000) 
Beastslayer * (February 2001) 
Vampireslayer * (September 2001) 
Giantslayer * (April 2003) 
Orcslayer * (October 2006) 
Manslayer * (October 2007) 
Elfslayer (October 2008) 
Shamanslayer (October 2009) 
Zombieslayer (November 2010) 

Knights of Bretonnia VG $10 
Knight Errant * (May 2008) 
Knight of the Realm * (May 2009) 

The Konrad Saga G $20 Konrad * (December 2001) 
Shadowbreed * (February 2002) 
Warblade * (April 2002) 

The Chronicles of Malus Darkblade new $40 
The Daemon's Curse * (May 2005) 
Bloodstorm * (December 2005) 
Reaper of Souls * (July 2006) 
Warpsword * (February 2007) 
Lord of Ruin * (September 2007) 

The Marienburg Series G$15 
A Murder in Marienburg (May 2007) 
A Massacre in Marienburg (December 2008) 

Mathias Thulmann, Witch Hunter G$10 
Witch Hunter * (January 2004) 
Witch Finder * (February 2005) 
Witch Killer * (December 2006) 

Slaves to Darkness VG $20 
The Claws of Chaos (August 2002) 
Blades of Chaos (September 2003) 
The Heart of Chaos (September 2004) 

Tales of Orfeo VG$20 
These books were authored by Brian Stableford, writing as Brian Craig, and were originally published 
by "GW Books". 
Zaragoz (GW Books November 1989 / Black Library March 2002) 
Plague Daemon (GW Books April 1990 / Black Library July 2002) 
Storm Warriors (GW Books March 1991 / Black Library October 2002)

Thanquol and Boneripper Trilogy VG$15 
Grey Seer (August 2009) 
Temple of the Serpent (September 2010) 

Time of Legends Legend of Sigmar VG$15 
Heldenhammer * (April 2008) 
Empire * (September 2009) 

Rise of Nagash Trilogy VG$8 
Nagash The Sorcerer (September 2008)

The Sundering VG$20 
Malekith (January 2009) 
Shadow King (January 2010) 
Caledor (May 2011) 

Ulrika The Vampire Trilogy VG$7 
Bloodborn (June 2010)

Ulthuan Series VG$7 
Defenders of Ulthuan (December 2007)

Warhammer Heroes 
Wulfrik the Wanderer VG$7
Wulfrik (December 2010)

Stand Alone Novels $5 each 
Battle for Skull Pass, The (novella) (May 2009)
Broken Honour (March 2011)
The Corrupted (September 2006)
Curse of the Necrarch (July 2008)
Enemy Within, The (June 2007)
Fell Cargo (February 2006)
Forged in Battle (November 2004)
Guardians of the Forrest (September 2005)
Magestorm (February 2004)
Runefang (June 2008)
Vermintide (January 2006)
The Wine of Dreams (October 2000)
Zavant (March 2002)

Anthologies $5 each 
Realm of Chaos (January 2000)
Laughter of the Dark Gods (June 2002)
Cold Hand of Betrayal, The (April 2006)

11 November 2011

I am so sleepy today. Not enough sleep. I spent a lot of time texting last night instead of sleeping.

09 November 2011

Uses for people

Some people, of course, measure others for their uses.

The true colours

Have you ever known people who when they first met you, were earnest and seemingly sincere in knowing you and upon knowing you and knowing that you do not matter in the grand scheme of things* in their little world would discard you?

I have met a number of these people. Initially, when you meet them, they have not figured out how you could be of consequence, thus, they are wary and they play safe by their friendliness. Within months, they will have figured out the social dynamics in a group and they will stick to the so-called leaders and befriend them.

These people are everywhere now. I met a number over the past year and their true colours only begin to emerge lately. I can't say that I am surprised by the turn of events anymore.

*Essentially a nobody in their eyes.


Have you ever been invisible? Have you ever been invisible in a room full of people you know? Have you ever been invisible in a street of numerous acquaintances? This form of invisibility is more potent than the popularly imagined physical invisibility of that described by H. G. Wells.

Have you ever been dismissed with a glance and in seconds, thus turned invisible forever?

Such is the state of the world.
I have accomplished quite a bit this week. Listlessness banished. Work done. Whee!
Gonna go to a funeral later today.

08 November 2011

Idiot from Great Eastern Life

Some idiot from Great Eastern Life just called. They don't give up, do they? I can't wait for the national 'do not call' database. I hope they get fined.

22 October 2011

Some idiot from Prudential called

Some idiot from Prudential called. I told her coldly twice, 'Tell them to remove my name from your list'. She was so intimidated that she hung up at once. Heheheh.

14 October 2011

Enough of Mactards! It's Friday! Ice-cream at Udders this evening! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

13 October 2011

Mactards cry

Rabid Mactards. Their reactions and mourning continue loudly and vehemently.

It would appear that it would take a month or so before it dies down.

07 October 2011

Of the death of a successful business leader

I think one shouldn't be overly or even concerned. It's another successful business leader, a more ruthless and dictatorial one than most that uniquely cultivated a grassroots level cult of personality.


A friend was talking about how seniority had and would occupy positions in certain hierarchies. If he were to join certain organisations, he would, of course, despite his body of work and ability, be forced into some form of an apprentice position or junior position. It must be noted that the senior person would have 'earned' that position by virtue of the amount of time put in. Seniority is the norm in many fields and also in informal ones, for instance, group dynamics. Recently, I had observed a case of a rather senior person giving advice when he really didn't know much and was also giving rather vague and general directions in other instances. He was giving advice because of his seniority. Heh. I had wondered how he would receive advice if given to him.

Of course, I tested. It only confirmed the worst.

Blind followers

Who likes to be told that they were blind followers in a consumerist cult of personality? There will be some re-adjustment of their psyche as they seek to explain and rationalise to themselves that it is the others that are the fanatics, not them and that this isn't about a cult of personality when it clearly is. They will be too blinded to see.

Kinda of sad but you can't expect otherwise from most people anyway.

The end of the cult of personality in the commercial world

Cult of personalities do not merely occur in that of the North Korean state, it also occurs in the commercial world. When the Dear Leader passed on, his sheep were anguished, lost and angry.

The outpouring of emotions this week only showed as much.

06 October 2011

Quoting a friend: 'iCancer! iFail!iDied!iGo!'

iDiots and their iCon

The reactions of the iDiots over the iCon who did an iDie is getting really really amusing.

The death of the iCON

What he got right was the share price. What he got massively wrong was a legion of rabid, diehard, unthinking worshippers. (You could say that that is right from a market standpoint but from a human perspective, it pains me to see so much sheep in the world.)

Losing your god

When religious fanatics lose their beloved god, well, you see widespread grief. It is very interesting to observe their reactions.
Woooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

05 October 2011

WOO! Quite a bit done last night. Perhaps, I could do more without a headache. Two days of headaches. Well, I would need to go for a run.

03 October 2011

A month of starships

Last month, I did about 76 A4-sized sketches of starships, freighters, research vessels, mining vessels, orbital bombardment vessels, destroyers, space stations and more. I also drew 16 vehicles and a few buildings and much much more. It was great fun.

29 September 2011

Five starships drawn last night! And I retired earlier than usually. An hour earlier! Whee!

28 September 2011

26 September 2011

Focus focus. I have lots to do. I need to make a list and get the things done.

Then, after work, I can read and draw.

Group visibility

Oooh, the Facebook interface has changed. I'm looking to change group visibility again. Moving the Science Fiction Singapore group up to the forefront. Moving the First World War group up. Moving Singapore Wargamers up. Rearranging a few others and changing prioritisations. Moving the urban sketchers group to a much less visible position (probably out of sight) and much lower priority now. Ditto for a subsidiary music group, 80s Music Discussion Group.

A weekend of talk

A nice weekend, mostly of talk and meeting people. On Friday night, I was drawing spaceships at the Food Republic at 313. Later, Siu Hean dropped by, then Mitchell, then, Koi Hin

We were discussing about solar sail mechanics and the design of such a vessel, beam weapons ranging and the random walk needed for evasion (much like First World War hit prediction between two battle lines of dreadnoughts!), electromagnetic railguns shooting clouds of particle and counter fire in a cloud form, biological space vessels, the design of it, photosynthesis, flying cabbages, cauliflowers, sketching spaceships, 2-dimensional worlds and more. Highly enjoyable.

Amelia and Leos came and joined us later.

It is really just too bad that the main Sketchwalks are held on Saturday mornings with an afternoon sideshow. At this rate, I would probably miss the rest of the year or perhaps for the foreseeable future. I had already missed the majority last year. I wish sketchwalks are on Saturday afternoons or Sunday mornings. I am but one person and it would not be proper otherwise.

Earlier in the year, it was fortunate that the two polling days had fallen on the Sketchwalk days and after I had voted and I was then able to attend.

Well, I doubt if I would have much of an opportunity in the future. Sketchwalks look like a dead event for me now. Circumstances beyond my control. Fading away. It would be Portrait After Dark and Figure Drawing sessions only from now on from the looks of it.

Then, I spent a late afternoon and night drawing with Mitchell and Kit Mun joining me on Saturday.

I had decided against going to figure drawing on Sunday evening as I was drained.

I think in future I will start a new movement and organise sessions for sketching imaginary things if there are people who would join me.

25 September 2011

Entrenched positions

A person I know often has fixed positions. What this person often does is to construct explanations around his or her fixed positions. The person would also find bad analogies and examples to support them.

It is not that the positions are wrong but rather than the examples used to illustrate the positions are often poor ones, akin to a reversal of creating positions to tear down.

24 September 2011

Warehousing demand

It does appear that warehousing demand has gone down. It would be reflective of something.

23 September 2011

It is finally Friday. I can devote more time to drawing my starships now.

Possessed by emotions

I have got a few friends who seem to act according to their emotions. They are not rash per se but more unthinking at times, governed by sentiment, often jumping into what they feel, rather than think, is the right course. A cursory examination, coloured by prejudices. As a result, their actions and statements often seem thoughtless and rash. I have seen it too many times before.

Still, it is how they had chosen to conduct their lives, I respect it. It is entirely their ship to steer.

22 September 2011


Sketching from 3 pm to 11 pm last Saturday was enormously satisfying. I shall do that more often.

Comment of the Day

Comment of the Day (not mine): "He looked like some deformed cabbage patch doll!!"

Names of target and utterer withheld to protect the innocent and not so innocent.

Rainy days

What a nice rainy morning. The dream I had two nights ago was that of powered armoured. A unit of 'Soviet Reference Powered Armoured' disappearing after being sent in. Strange.

Whee! It is time to switch to drawing spaceships. This time, it will be warships. Nuclear missile launchers, particle beam weapons, lasers, projectile weapons, hangers and more. Enough freighters, mining vessels and such for now. I did a sketch of a large cruiser and two three fast outlines.

I also inked a man-at-arms and did a wash of a knight. I also did a cityscape of an imaginary city in an alternate universe.

21 September 2011


If you wrong me, I will remember your deed. I will not forget.

I am not a vengeful person. However, I will remember.

For a long time.

If you apologise and ask for forgiveness. I will forgive. I do not expect penance from you.

Figure drawing sessions

From the looks of it, two upcoming figure drawing sessions are going to be on the same Sunday with slightly different timings. Since one of them is free and in an air-conditioned environment, I think the other will have a surfeit of attendees.

A pity about the sketchwalks

Sketchwalks (the official ones) on Saturday mornings are usually hit and miss affairs as it is within my office hours. I missed the majority of them last year.

This year, I have attended a few. I find some of the locations awkward as well. Oh well. Hopefully, things will change but I suspect it will not. After all, I am but one person.

Starship sketches

Two starship sketches completed last night as well a host of outlines.

Groupthink and strength in numbers

There are people in a group that I know of that is supposedly capable of critical thinking. I think some of them are. However, I do get the impression that a number of them are simply followers and have a sense of insecurity. That the group can provide strength in numbers and the numbers of agreeable people? Surely. Groupthink? Possibly.

Two others that I know of also had this impression.

There are also a few in that group who watched television and youtube video presentations of their favourite topics as discussed within. What level of understanding and thinking do they hope to achieve through these soundbites? By repeating soundbites of their own and appearing witty? Have they thought through matters deeply? How have they discussed?

Who knows?

The thing is that when you have a group of people mostly of the same opinions and directions, you are not really going to get a diversity of opinions or ones that challenge you.

And some of them are going to conventions of similar worldwide groups. Heh.

20 September 2011

Next stop

Next stop, smaller star craft. Fighters, bombers, shuttles, small and medium freighters, space stations, probes and vehicles.

19 September 2011

Herd mentality

Do you find that the people here often follow each other mindlessly? Whenever people gushed about something, they would all embrace it?

Whatever happened to individuality? Whatever happened to independence of mind? Whatever happened to critical thinking?

A week of drawing starships and vehicles

I drew over forty starships in a week. Pencils. Concepts of starships. I also drew over sixteen vehicles all within a week.

Then, there was a wonderful weekend of drawing.

17 September 2011


We started playing CivWorld recently. This is our third game.

Alistair pulled off the final era economic victory with the wonder which effectively boosted our 640,000 gold to 800,000 gold.

Our four person civilisation (effectively four since Yen Lyn is inactive) has managed to win this in the face of at least four or five other larger civilisations of which three have 16 or more people.

We had four persons. Siu Hean, Brian, Alistair and I. Two economic victories secured in the face of great odds.

I had managed to amassed 565,739 gold by the end. Of course, the objective was to amass fame and not gold. The usual means would be to join a large civilisation and win numerous medals, some of which can be self-serving to say the least.

16 September 2011

FRIDAY! Finally!

I had a nice dinner with Zenn and Teck Loong at the Ma Maison Tonkatsu at the Mandarin Gallery last night. Eve joined us later.

It has been a while since Zenn left to do missionary work. Now, she is back for a short while.

15 September 2011

Twenty-two spaceships and vehicles of various types drawn this week. More sketches to come!

One house drawn and another not far from completion.

Dinner and drawing with Leos and Amelia

Dinner and drawing tomorrow with Leos and Amelia! Whee! Are Kun Rong and Jerry going?

The Reckless

I think people who are reckless often do not recognise that they are reckless. Otherwise, they wouldn't be. Risk-takers, on the other hand, are another type altogether.

Dinner with Big Monkey and Lao Hobo

Woo! Dinner with Big Monkey and Lao Hobo this evening! Urm, Zenn and Teck Loong... Whee! It has been a while since Big Monkey swung off into the jungles of Cambodia.

14 September 2011

To work to work! Focus focus! Then, I will go run and also draw this evening. I will also write my diary.

Open Figure Drawing at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia - September 2011

I was there at the Open Figure Drawing session at 3 Kay Siang Road organised by Patrick Smith of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia. Zhu Chuan, Eric, Isaacs, Don, Joy, Tia, Claude, Oyo, Tony and quite a few others were there. There were at least fifty people who turned up ultimately.

It was a fast-paced session of two hours, beginning at 7 pm and ending at 9 pm.  Furious non-stop gesture drawings of 1-minute, 2-minute, 3-minutes followed. Then, there were a few 5-minute poses, 10-minute poses and a final 15-minute pose. 

Wonderful session. I must thank Patrick for organising these sessions and opening to everyone.
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13 September 2011

Where the Wild Things were

I just got back from buying food for my mother at Junction 8 at Bishan. I was also at the library there and I borrowed 'Where the Wild Things were: Life, Death, and Ecological Wreckage in a Land of Vanishing Predators' by Jason Stolzenburg.

It is about a dearth of predators and how these causes imbalances, herds of elks invading, unchecked deers and cats and ants and more...

Intriguing looking volume. There should be predators out there eating up greenies actually.

12 September 2011

The weekend was too short!

The weekend was too short! First, it was Portrait Day with JF, Jerry, Wai Hong, Ray, Kun Rong, Amelia, Rafa, Richard, Eve and many many more. It was an enjoyable evening of drawing.

I spent a happy Saturday afternoon and evening drawing with Kun Rong and Amelia at Cedele at United Square. Then, we had dinner at Waraku at Square 2.

I slept most of Sunday and I also drew four vehicles and five spaceships.


Looking at the number of posts so far...

2011 (146)
2010 (425)
2009 (175)
2008 (707)
2007 (1038)
2006 (900)
2005 (281)

Alphabet Rescue

Introducing Alphabet Rescue on Facebook!

The new Word game from Jerry and his gang from Rat Pack Studio. If you can, do give it a try.

Burke Commodities

VMR Corporation, Target Research Group. Now, it is another lady with an American accent calling from Burke Commodities from Boston.

09 September 2011

Oh yes, add babes to that equation!
The ultimate cool movie: Pirates versus ninjas versus robots versus zombies!

Angst and the world

The angst-filled types bemoaning that 'the world sucks' and that 'the world should end because it sucks' seem to be a norm among the younger set these days. It would appear that the world revolves around them. It is a 'Me Me Me'world when they don't look beyond themselves.

Not a determinant of ability

I am laughing at the presumptions that some people have. Seriously funny.

The thing is that seniority is not a determinant of ability.
It is finally Friday! HURRAH! HURRAH! Meanwhile, Siu Hean and Alistair have started a new game of CivWorld. Hopefully, we can get Yen Lyn to join us.

06 September 2011

Dreary day. I shall endeavour to sleep earlier in future. No more sketching in bed till 1 am.

05 September 2011

Time to go! Yes!
Sketching at the Botanic Gardens with Leos, Kun Rong, Amelia, and many others on Saturday was great fun! Then, I was at Kelvin and Hsu Chern's wedding at the Birkhill hall and also meeting old friends like Tien Huan, Rex, Regina, Gene, Sharon and Florence.

I slept most of yesterday.

29 August 2011

Argh! She had to click on the Trojan. Now, the system is unusable. Oh well. I can't restore it like previously. I had told her time and again that the emails from this source contain malware for the last two years. Nothing I can do now.

Summon Wilson!
Monday! The weekend was too short!

28 August 2011

Night Festival

I was at the Night Festival with Kun Rong, Jerry, Amelia and Leos on Friday night. We missed the main event unfortunately.

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24 August 2011

I want to go home and read my book on naval gunnery!


I am terribly distracted by CivWorld, no thanks to Siu Hean and Alistair.


Oomphatico. What a name. I had been there once some years ago and had had a good meal. I shall go there again one day.

Oh no! I hear from Siu Hean that the food used to be good. Oh-oh.

23 August 2011

Drawing in Hong Kong

I should start making plans for my next trip. I would like to visit Hong Kong again. I would like to draw the buildings there. Perhaps, I shall go later this year, possibly in the November and December period.

Central allocation

I was reading an old article in Bloomberg Markets about Venezuela during lunch. The striking thing about the socialist petrostate is the bottlenecks when it comes to allocating the petrodollar billions. The delays in the central allocation of resources seem key. The ability to react to changing conditions, the ability to get information.


It is not unlikely that upon reading of what I had wrote, they would become more embittered and more entrenched in their positions. Their ego and emotions would not allow them to dictate otherwise even if the objective reality is otherwise. There will come a few rounds of cognitive dissonance and rationalisation and a new shaky edifice would emerge with howls of accusations of naivety.

The end of Borders

It was not unexpected. Six years ago or so, the selection had gotten a lot poorer. Books from small presses were suddenly no longer carried. The more esoteric histories and military histories had stopped coming. What replaced them were vampire romance porn, the likes of Twilight and such.

Then, the music section stopped carrying the smaller independent labels. It was Madonna and Lady Gaga everywhere.

Borders had deteriorated steadily then. When it first opened thirteen years ago, it was a fresh breath of air, being the first decent bookstore on our shores, the range was staggering then.

I have had many happy memories of that place. I had browsed and bought books. On late nights on weekends, it was a joy to be able to go there, browse and read. I remember the Borders Bistro where I have had pasta on numerous nights. I had met many friends there and we browsed. Former girlfriends, new friends, close friends and more.

I mourn for the old Borders.  Such wonderful memories.

Ricciotti at China Square

I have always liked Ricciotti at China Square. Fabulous desserts and good food. Last Friday, I had wanted to go there but I had ended up drawing and painting at the Hanis Café with Tay Lim Lim at the National Library. It was an evening of meeting people by chance. Tia walked by as did Joy later. Three accidentally meetings.

Perhaps, I will go there this Friday evening. Sketch, draw, read and think. It is practically deserted there in the evenings and on weekends.


Those, who often claim to be liberal and seemingly display liberal attitudes, aren't. They, instead, harbour populist attitudes, often with extreme conservatism. Reactionary? Probably to a certain extent.


I am disappointed in a number of my friends and acquaintances (I had expected more), I think they chose to be deliberately blinded and had use a few sleight of hand methods to rationalise to themselves their choices. I doubt if I can convince them and I won't. Perhaps, in the fullness of time and distance, they can see it for what it is. Likely, they will forget the whole thing. Nothing more that I can say.

22 August 2011

Rude girl

The girl on the telephone this morning was rude and sarcastic. I told her that I would not be talking to someone who was incapable of being civil and I ended the call.
The National Geographic Café is a nice place to spend an afternoon and evening sketching away. It is cosy and rather empty.

I was also drawing at the Tokyo Deli Café on Friday evening. The iced chocolate was okay but pricey. I wonder about the coffee. I don't know about the place. Perhaps, I will return, the location is convenient.
A nice weekend of drawing. I didn't draw enough. I will try to find time to draw more this week.

Mainly, that would be to summon the energy and find the mood.


I wonder what happened to tolerance in Singapore. Xenophobia seems to be common these days. Ugly tribalism with people wrapping themselves around the national flag figuratively.

This does not bode well. I do hope that things do not become worse.

20 August 2011


Things move. You wonder why. Is there a rationale? 

The disengagement. The concerted rush to agree? Behind the scenes?

Me! I disconnect from you.

It becomes immaterial. New horizons, new vistas. New ground to explore, new sojourns into the unknown.


Do you sometimes get the sense that you are invisible? It is a strange feeling. One can be physically present and yet, somehow, one's existence can be affirmed only by that of the very people around.

27 June 2011

Call from VMR Corporation

This company never gives up. Why? They give their call centre folks a long list and the calls continue. I just received a call from an accented lady from VMR Corporation again.

07 June 2011

Calls from the Advanced Research Group

'Mr Chou, this is Jane calling from the Advanced Research Group from Florida, USA, how are you today?' Wow! The same script as that of the Target Research Group and also VMR Corporation. Oh no!

I think I will be plagued with calls from them for the next few years. I suppose they also use the same call centre.

20 April 2011

Silent movement

I remember climbing the stairs in an underpass as I carried two bags of groceries, a heavy backpack of books and sketchbooks, my DSLR and my drawing materials. I was so silent and fast when I climbed that a couple in front of me was startled when I approached and went by them. One of them remarked to the other about it.

19 April 2011

Live and Let Die

Watching 'Live and Let Die' on DVD last night had brought back memories. When I was little, my father had brought me to the cinema to watch this movie. I had remembered the scene where James Bond had his automatic bent by a man with a claw for a hand. It was 1973, Half a lifetime ago.