06 February 2009

Old times

[chat] Marlboro jumps around Baldur, Rusina, Kowie, Nautious, Paradox, Kassandra, Agnus, Hornedone, Turner, Botzy, Splitz, Serg, Jurz, Tuukka, Mreh, Sickgut, Crunk, Clutch, Taze and Salaam like a gorilla wearing panties one size too small.


dmarks said...

Dune? Where's the sandworm?

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Oh, it's just a conversational thread in the Dune MUD which is a multiplayer text-based adventure game set in that world.


port 6789

Darkspore said...

Ah... I was wondering what that was all about :-P

dmarks said...

"Dune, Where's My Car?"