18 May 2009

Arrested development

Shyue Chou says (11:39 AM):
 His means of reasoning is fascinating.
 I have read a lot of fundamentalists before.
 But his...

Shyue Chou says (11:40 AM):
 is just..

G says (11:40 AM):

Shyue Chou says (11:40 AM):
 I don't know exactly how one describes it.
 Infantile doesn't do it justice.

G says (11:40 AM):

Shyue Chou says (11:40 AM):
Okay, that's just bizarre.

Shyue Chou says (11:41 AM):
 Like Bucky.

G says (11:41 AM):
 it fits 100%

Shyue Chou says (11:41 AM):
 I guess bizarre is apt.

G says (11:41 AM):
 is not bizzare
 there is a trend to it
 and Bucky Katt fits it aptly

Shyue Chou says (11:41 AM):

Shyue Chou says (11:42 AM):
 A mix of malice, anger and madness.

G says (11:43 AM):
 bucky has a mix of those

G says (11:43 AM):
 he wants to eat some monkeys, he is angry when rob or sachel mocks him, he is almost always mad

An observation about the said individual is that his friends do not enlighten him for fear of angering him. They will not contradict him either. This current incident does bring out interesting bits about people.


I thought people will mellow and mature with people. Experience should bring some form of wisdom. Well, apparently not. After knowing him for about fifteen years or so, I think his immaturity is more pronounced than ever.


The Merry Traveller said...

Well his immaturity is more pronounced than ever if there is no one brave soul courageous enough to enlighten him about it and perhaps even bring a peg down or two.

The Merry Traveller said...

Yeah and lastly,

"Be a man, do the right thing!"

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Well, he has to find himself.

Too bad, he is surrounded by a bunch of fanatic and dogmatic types. These form the basis of his community and social grouping.

He's in his mid to late thirties now.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I also think that he has been brainwashed.

Deprogramming will take a lot of time. I can't see anyone devoting themselves to deprogramming him.