05 December 2009

313@Somerset, Centrepoint, Orchard Central, Illuma, Central, Square 2, Mandarin Gallery

I was at 313@Somerset yesterday. The layout was not dissimilar to that of Centrepoint, conservative with shops ringing a narrow atrium. However, it worked, unlike the labyrinthine Orchard Central, Central at Eu Tong Sen, Illuma, Square 2 with escalators flying all over, dead ends, dead spaces and more. Mandarin Gallery was small and simple and I thought that would work too.

313@Somerset, like the rest of the malls, had the usual chains. Nothing too unusual. The usual bland mix. However, unlike Orchard Central, Central and Illuma, 313 had big anchors like Zara, Brotzeit, HMV, Uniqlo, Marché. Illuma had a cineplex however.

I think it would not be difficult to see which new malls would be the losers.


Wilfrid said...

I intended to visit this evening, after hearing from you in Facebook. But didn't manage to. Next week perhaps ...

dmarks said...

Hello. I am sorry I missed your "what is this building" question before. It was about this post.

The building was a grocery store for many years. 15 or 20 years ago, a friend of a friend turned it into some sort of art gallery/ curio shop. This did not last long. But his paint job did, with the bright colors and question mark.

Ken Lee said...

Central at Eu Tong Sen is extremely confusing. Really terrible layout for a mall.

It seems that many shops there have become a victim of that design.