24 November 2010

Respectability is the watchword

"The original situationists were in fact a tiny group, but expert self-propagandists, so the whole of Paris was plastered with their slogans - they probably all went onto make excellent careers in corporate public communications and become thoroughly respectable.

Forty years on, respectability is the watchword. Bob Dylan is awarded an honorary Pulitzer; half the rock concerts of the world are performed by pensioners to an audience who have paid £150 for their ticket. In the summer of '08, rock festivals advertise their excellent facilities for young children and advise punters to "bring plenty of sunscreen".

There are no political hotheads any more, except those who head rogue governments..."

Quote from "Situationists wanted", a commentary by Jan Dalley in the 12th/13th April 2008 issue of the Financial Times

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