22 March 2011

Calls from VMR Corporation

A woman with a strong accent from VMR Corporation just called and a staff member here answered telling her that there really wasn't any point in calling here and the woman from VMR corporation shouted 'Bullshit! Bullshit!'. Eh? That was so strange. Surreal even.

People with strange accents from VMR Corporation had been calling continuously here for the last five or six years. We would receive fifteen or more calls annually. A few acquaintances from other companies had also received these calls from VMR Corporation.

Calls from VMR Corporation would usually start with an introduction, 'This is XXX calling from the USA' or 'This is XXX calling from Los Angeles and how are you today?' Then, it would be followed by a demand to speak to the director or someone high up. Following which, the caller from VMR Corporation would insist on sending information about green energy. No amount of dissuading, expression of a lack of interest or requests of removal from their database would deter them from their demands.

What do these folks from VMR Corporation hope to achieve? Aggression, persistent calls and rudeness are not going to persuade people in abiding by whatever mysterious purposes they have.

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