23 August 2011

The end of Borders

It was not unexpected. Six years ago or so, the selection had gotten a lot poorer. Books from small presses were suddenly no longer carried. The more esoteric histories and military histories had stopped coming. What replaced them were vampire romance porn, the likes of Twilight and such.

Then, the music section stopped carrying the smaller independent labels. It was Madonna and Lady Gaga everywhere.

Borders had deteriorated steadily then. When it first opened thirteen years ago, it was a fresh breath of air, being the first decent bookstore on our shores, the range was staggering then.

I have had many happy memories of that place. I had browsed and bought books. On late nights on weekends, it was a joy to be able to go there, browse and read. I remember the Borders Bistro where I have had pasta on numerous nights. I had met many friends there and we browsed. Former girlfriends, new friends, close friends and more.

I mourn for the old Borders.  Such wonderful memories.

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