21 September 2011

Groupthink and strength in numbers

There are people in a group that I know of that is supposedly capable of critical thinking. I think some of them are. However, I do get the impression that a number of them are simply followers and have a sense of insecurity. That the group can provide strength in numbers and the numbers of agreeable people? Surely. Groupthink? Possibly.

Two others that I know of also had this impression.

There are also a few in that group who watched television and youtube video presentations of their favourite topics as discussed within. What level of understanding and thinking do they hope to achieve through these soundbites? By repeating soundbites of their own and appearing witty? Have they thought through matters deeply? How have they discussed?

Who knows?

The thing is that when you have a group of people mostly of the same opinions and directions, you are not really going to get a diversity of opinions or ones that challenge you.

And some of them are going to conventions of similar worldwide groups. Heh.

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