01 August 2012

Deluded Manure fans

It is quite funny as to how deluded Manure (Manchester United) fans are when it comes to their popularity. They appear unaware of them being the most unpopular club in England and also the most hated with fans of every other team hating them. They seem to think that people must hate Chelsea or Manchester City. Yes, Manure is the most popular team in the world but neutrals hate Manure. No guesses as to why.

It is also funny to see the hypocrisy of the Manure fans. It is okay for them to buy a trophy. It is okay for them to spend their way to victory but when others do it on a bigger scale, they scream murder.

I find Sir Red Nose to be far more hypocritical than Wenger or any other manager. His double standards is appalling. Because he is 'British', he is always forgiven, whereas the French must be 'French'. That reeks of racism.

I hate Manure because of the deluded and arrogant fans, the arrogant players and the hypocritical manager and not because of their football.

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