27 December 2012


Quoting my friend, Tom:

"It's like those groups of non-conformists. If they all have black nail polish, black trench coats, long dark black hair and wear mascara then aren't they really conformists? I like Escher too and think I had that hand-drawing-a-hand poster when I was 5 years old. Not very esoteric in my book either. It's like thinking Scarlett Johannson is hot - you ain't alone, buddy."

In the early 90s, when it was trendy to be a non-confirming rebel here in Singapore. All the rebels here wore rebel style clothing (bandannas, etc), listen to rebel music (trendy folk, indie music and jazz), read indie literature (Beats generation stuff), read 'indie' underground comics (Neil Gaiman/Sandman) and watch 'dark' movies (Tim Burton)! WOO HOO! How original is that? Extremely rebellious I should say.

Tom also said:

"It's like Doc Martens. They used to be used exclusively by punks in the U.K. and were badass. Then, before you knew it, there were sold at Urban Outfitters in the color Pink and every punk wannabe chick had a pair. The only thing that sucks more than conformity is non-conformity."

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