02 March 2013

Peanut butter-flavoured ice-cream

I have tried the peanut butter flavour from Island Creamery, Udders and the peanut butter cup flavour from Ben & Jerry's. Verdict?

1. Ben & Jerry's - peanut butter cup. This is my favourite.
2. Udders - peanut butter. I don't like it. More nut than than ice-cream.
3. Island Creamery - peanut butter. Unmemorable. Again, it is as if you are eating peanuts, the nuts  overwhelm the ice-cream completely.

Yes, I know, big, faceless American firm versus small local outfits. However, the big corporation has the better ice-cream this time. I can't stop wanting more Ben & Jerry's whereas as soon as I had the cups from Udders and Island Creamery, I know that I will never order that flavour again.

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