15 July 2014

World Cup Final - Argentina vs Germany

Argentina 0 Germany 1

I am glad Germany won the World Cup, it was well deserved. Germany has always been my second choice team after Italy. I am elated. They were a team with flair, with flowing attacking football. Sadly, the match was at an odd hour, I did not watch it. I did watch the wondrous goal that gave the Germans the victory. What a goal.

Messi's potential was spotted when he was seventeen, and every pundit had said that he was destined for greatness. He achieved that at club level, and is now often acclaimed as the best player in the world. Playing at the World Cup is another matter altogether, it is not that it is harder or easier, just different. Messi could not do enough to guarantee victory, he was not a Maradona, he was just himself, a different player.

Brazil 0 Netherlands 3

The arrogance of Brazil certainly know no bounds. As it is with arrogance and hubris, the fall is often a great one. In any case, the third place match is absolutely unnecessary.

Neymar Jr, like Messi, was one whose shoulders bore the weight of his nation, he did whatever he could, like Messi, but it was not enough.

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