04 May 2015

Onto new things! No more Ingress

I fell sick. Because of that, I missed a day on my Ingress hacking medal, thus, I would not be able to get a gold medal after 60 days, I would not make a level.

This is a signal to myself that I should be retiring for the third time. I can't see myself hacking for another 60 days for this. Enough of the game. I was playing casually anyway. I will maintain a guardian portal or two at best now, my only link to the game.

The passing few months have seen the departure of two regular Novena players. Now, the portals in Novena are low-level and frequently changing hands. There is no reinforcement and little point in seizing and deploying. I cannot not get the same level of xmp bursters and resonators from these ones anyway.

Onto new things!

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