05 December 2007

State of Progress: Mobile Weapon Battle Stations

I'm currently at level 42.

The game has been highly engrossing. Kuoby, Siu Hean and I would discuss ship armaments and choices. Different strategies and so forth. Siu Hean, Anthony, Kuoby, Yen Lyn, Alex, Matas, Zak (Jackson, Turner) are active and are doing well. Siu Hean is at level 46!

A few days ago, I started ship killing again and racked up over 80 kills. I previously had about 15 kills or so.

"You have: 104 wins, 3 losses = 97.2% Wins"

Evil Anthony has killed my ship twice with his four impact cannons!


Kuoby revealed a secret, his ship stats:

Level: 42 (Exp: 1,938,724/1,976,650)
Craft: 1
Gunnery: 90
Navigation: 98
Stats Points: 0
HP: 0/5050
Capacity: 1790/2000
Speed: 223 (+98)

An exchange on Windows Live about this a few minutes ago:

Chuang Shyue Chou says (10:41 AM):
You have spare capacity.

Chuang Shyue Chou says (10:41 AM):
Why don't you mount a crest or something for more hp?

Kuoby (Thuggg) says (10:42 AM):
that capacity is my NPC attacker config

Kuoby (Thuggg) says (10:42 AM):
in defensive mode, i only have like 30 capacity spare

Chuang Shyue Chou says (10:42 AM):

Kuoby (Thuggg) says (10:42 AM):
that's with my shield armour on

Kuoby (Thuggg) says (10:42 AM):
shield armour, 2 rams and gun buster, that's all i have space for

Chuang Shyue Chou says (10:42 AM):
ahh... I thought you were dumb.

Kuoby (Thuggg) says (10:43 AM):
dumb is how your ass feels after a ramming.

Kuoby (Thuggg) says (10:43 AM):
oops, i mean, numb, sorry you numbskull

Chuang Shyue Chou says (10:44 AM):

Kuoby (Thuggg) says (10:44 AM):
do i make your blog? do i? do i?

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brat. said...

I smell some desperation from the Kuobbit... Seems like he severely lacks attention! Everyone just looks over his head!