18 November 2008

Microsoft Office Live

I am not too sure what Microsoft's new online initiative, Office Live, will achieve. I think this was developed in response to the successful Googledocs applications. However, the Microsoft online application suite will require that one owns a licensed copy of Microsoft Office XP, 2003 or 2007. This appears, in a sense, self-defeating. What I can see is that Microsoft is hoping that the launch of Office Live will prevent a flight of existing Office users to Google.


I have tried OpenOffice/StarOffice and Googledocs in the past. OpenOffice was horrendously slow. Googledocs was satisfactory, I guess the only thing against it is that it is unusable without an Internet connection. I don't have an anti-Microsoft bias like many manic people out there, however, Office Live is slow and ponderous, highly unfriendly.


sara tan said...

doesn't mean that the users won't flock to Open Office. :x

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Well, OpenOffice is almost as slow and unfriendly.

The only plus point is that it is free.

With an internet connection, well, Googledocs is available.

sara tan said...

that's true. I guess microsoft just wants to expand into more markets.... although their apps can't keep up with it.